Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Betting: August 1st (LCK)

LCK Summer 2019 - Week 8 Day 1

We get two outstanding matches in the LCK tomorrow that are challenging to call. The simple reasoning for this bet is that I think this line is too far apart. I think SKT will win but I can't look at Kingzone as a +230 against literally anybody on earth and think it's correct. Feel free to abstain from this one and just enjoy the game but I can't look at these numbers and say no.

Moneyline: Kingzone +230 (1 unit)
Spread: Kingzone +1.5 @ -128 (2 units)

This one feels like a trap. Afreeca are a good team and while they have glaring weaknesses they have such incredible solo lane talent that they can often bulldoze their way through those disadvantages in much the same way FunPlus does with their decisiveness. I'm still questioning Senan and think the draft liabilities this team has are going to be difficult to consistently overcome against the top teams. You could argue DAMWON is the top team in the LCK right now. Afreeca were able to take care of Kingzone but the solo laners on DAMWON are significantly better.

The approach to this match is that if you believe Afreeca's strong solo's have more of a cancelling effect on DAMWON's then the Afreeca +1.5 maps is the bet here and maybe even justifiably the moneyline but I wouldn't go that far. If you think DAMWON are simply too good of a team to not abuse the liabilities Afreeca have then it's DAMWON -1.5 maps. The moneylines are a bit out of range.

I've discussed that DAMWON are probably the best team in Korea but they aren't like the historical best teams in Korea because they're not quite as crisp and clean. They drop games in their overzealousness. I'm going to be light on the DAMWON -1.5 because I do think they can punish Afreeca's weaknesses well enough. I also think DAMWON are the other elite uptempo team and facing someone that does what they do but worse should be an advantage to them. I think DAMWON take this 2-0 but I'm only wagering a small amount on it because of the likelihood of Afreeca's solo lanes to steal a game here.

Spread: DAMWON -1.5 @ +103 (1 unit)



This is another one of those "guarantee IF" style parlays. We're going to take the double favorite moneyline for 2.5 units to win just short of 2 units, but also the DAMWON + Kingzone ML to win just short of 4.5 units. We ned 0.75 if both favorites win and a little less than 1 unit if DAMWON and Kingzone win. Both of these hinge on DAMWON winning.

Parlay (2): SKT ML + DAMWON ML @ -125 (2.5 units)

Parlay (2): Kingzone ML + DAMWON ML @ +349 (1 unit)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Betting: July 31st (LPL)

LPL Summer 2019 - Week 9 Day 3

This might be a bit oversimplified but LNG against elite teams this season: 0-2 vs RNG, 0-2 vs TOP, 0-2 vs EDG. If you want to count their week one bout against the non-Baolan bad Invictus they won that 2-0 but I wouldn't call that iteration of IG an elite team. The point I'm making is that LNG are a good team that isn't going to be able to punch up to the level of the top teams in the LPL. FunPlus have lost only four games this entire split, two to Invictus, one to Victory Five and one to LGD. You could make the argument that they're "due for regression" to the mean or something along those lines and LNG are a better team than both V5 and LGD but I'm taking the -1.5 here. FunPlus look like one of the best teams in the world. They're certainly unorthodox but this team has somehow been getting better and better over the course of the year. Their gold and damage metrics are absolutely bonkers, GimGoon, their "weakest" player has seemingly broken through his skill ceiling and is absolutely dumpstering people, and with DoinB's leadership I think we have ourselves a true world championship contender.

If you want to compare teams, something I don't put a lot of weight on but it's worth mentioning, FunPlus absolutely routed WE (albeit at a low point in their season) in just over 50 minutes and I'd consider WE and LNG about even. FunPlus also took a little over 51 total minutes to whoop on BiliBili. I think you see what I'm trying to say.

 -154 is actually a value if you ask me. It is the late season LPL which we've been burned on pretty badly before but FunPlus haven't been one to take games off this season and I don't see that changing. This team has the fire in their belly and have been hyper focused all season long. Take FunPlus to stomp LNG.

Spread: FunPlus -1.5 maps @ -154 (6 units)

"You disappoint me String, I had such fucking hopes for us."
-Jimmy to Stringer from The Wire

OMG looked like they were finally turning the corner. Curse and Icon were the two elite solo lanes talents a team needs to keep up in the LPL, they added Kryst4l, Penguin looked like he was finally coming into his own as a jungler. The team had an identity and their prospects appeared to be meeting expectations and then they started playing World6. I don't want to blame World6 entirely for OMG's problems but just the idea of management and coaching staff disrupting the good thing OMG had going through the first couple weeks of the season just infuriates me. OMG optimistically could have challenged for a playoff spot and now they're battling to not be last place. 

I'll admit that OMG have had a ridiculously hard schedule, perhaps the hardest in any region over the past few weeks but after getting completely dominated by the abysmal Vici Gaming the other day I've lose all hope for this team until next season. It's incredibly frustrating because the players are there but this constant carousel at jungle and in the bot lane completely ruined any momentum this team had. I just hope this doesn't ruin the confidence and careers of Curse and Icon who appeared to be ready to take the next step.

EDG haven't been perfect this season but I think they're pretty firmly rooted in the top five LPL teams. To me FunPlus, RNG, and Invictus (eventually) are the top tier, and TOP (perhaps they're also top tier) and EDG are that tier 1.5. The top five teams are all significantly better than the entire rest of the league. EDG have had some ups and downs this season including losses to Rogue Warriors, a game punted to LGD, and a loss to WE but overall they've taken care of business against the bottom tier teams. EDG are starting their main lineup and I actually think we're getting a lot of value here at -179 with EDG coming off of two losses. Those losses were to FunPlus and RNG, two teams we'll never fault anyone for losing to.

I'm firing heavy on both of these tomorrow. I know I got absolutely crushed in the late summer LPL last year doing this but this is a tail of two matches where the teams are worlds apart and I think FunPLus and EDG both sweep even on a mediocre day for them.

Spread: EDG -1.5 @ -179 (6 units)



Parlay (2): FunPlus -1.5 + EDG -1.5 @+157 (3 units)

Parlay (3): FunPlus -1.5 + EDG -1.5 + Griffin ML (Friday) @ +299 (1 unit)

"Look ahead choice selections" Parlay (5): 
FunPlus -1.5 + EDG -1.5 + Griffin ML (Friday) + Team WE ML (Sunday) + DAMWON -1.5 (Sunday) @ +796 (1 unit)

Monday, July 29, 2019

Betting: July 30th (LPL)

LPL Summer 2019 - Week 9 Day 2

I know we bet WE against Invictus citing the fact that the number was just too far off to not take a chance on it but man oh man did WE look good. After getting run over in 24 minutes in game one, most teams, especially against IG, just get run over again. Often times it's the first game IG will drop to a mediocre or bad team before righting the ship and smashing. WE got completely smashed in game one and had the resilience to bring it back in games two and three and CONVINCINGLY beat Invictus. It's one series but really how many teams can honestly say that? I know IG were trying some new picks out but I was extremely impressed with WE in this series. It showed a lot of character and that their trajectory is even more upward than we might have thought going into that series.

The danger here is that this is a classic let down spot. Vici have won 6 games this season, a few of which were against respectable teams. WE have mostly been solid against the bottom teams but can't seem to beat the stronger teams (until this series). It's a bit brazen but I'm actually going to bet into this because I think it's worth laying -125 for this. I'd say the likelihood of a WE 2-0 is closer to 60 or 65%, the 2-1 something like 30%, and any Vici outcome the rest. Vici just aren't a good squad. They're spunky and have some fight in them but the players just aren't that great and WE are playing with a lot of confidence right now.

This should probably be a 2-3 unit wager but I'm going to up it to five. WE are rolling right now and until they show otherwise I'm willing to ride along. This is aggressive and you should tail or not based on your own personal risk tolerance as always.

Spread: Team WE -1.5 maps @ -125 (5 units)

This one feels like a trap to me. I absolutely love the new look Dominus and think this is a new team with a new sense of confidence. LGD are, as far as I can tell, mailing this season in and trying out all sorts of lineups. Tomorrow they'll be marching out new top laner Garvey (who is 17 by the way), BadeMan, and RD at support again. For some teams I think giving a young prospect a chance can be a good thing but LGD's constant lineup shuffle makes it really hard for me to have any confidence in them moving forward except against the true bottom of the barrel like Vici or OMG.

You were able to get this line at -150 earlier in the week and I didn't fire on it. -179 is probably too rich for a Dominus team that still isn't what I'd call a great team but whether you bet this or not depends largely on how you rate current Dominus. Are they a good team? Are they a team that would make playoffs if the season started today? You need to ask yourself those questions. I for one am going to include the Dominus moneyline and LGD +1.5 split evenly in parlays for this slate but I'm not quite confident enough that Dominus is this much better than anybody at the moment. It's close though. At the -150 opening I would have bet this but -179 is a bit too much to pay.

No wager (strong lean Dominus, will include LGD +1.5 and DOM ML in split parlays)



Parlay (2): WE -1.5 + LGD +1.5 @ +170 (1 unit)

Parlay (2): WE -1.5 + DOM ML @ +181 (1 unit)

More or less IF WE sweep then we're guaranteed roughly 0.75 units and potentially up to 3.5 units if we get an exact 2-1 Dominus victory.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Betting: July 28th (LCK, LPL, NA LCS)

LCK Summer 2019 - Week 7 Day 4

This is an absolutely fascinating game. Griffin haven't looked themselves since returning from Rift Rivals and SKT have gone 12-0 in their last 12 games, albeit against weaker competition. SKT have looked utterly dominant though in the way that you expect a great team to smash bad teams. They've ended games under the total game time in ten of their last twelve. 

I'll be honest and say that I'm kind of surprised this number isn't further apart but this line feels accurate. At some point Griffin are going to turn it back on. They looked fine against KT Rolster but KT isn't exactly a strong team. Also worth noting is that Griffin have struggled with SKT since joining the LCK last year, most notably in Spring finals. I'm not sure I'm going to bet this yet. I'm leaning Griffin because I think if you ignore recent performance these two teams should be more or less even. I'm likely just going to watch this with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy it. Check back before the match, I might change my mind.

No wager (lean Griffin ML)

This line actually opened at -1429 so some money has come in on Jin Air or the model saw the DAMWON loss and adjusted. Is this honestly a question? I think Jin Air would need like +400 or better odds on their +1.5 for me to even consider it but -294 is really rich to do anything other than include this in parlays. However.... this over/under game time is weirdly 33:00. If you exclude the few outliers in DAMWON's records this season they've been a little over a 30 minute team. Jin Air tend to play longer games historically and I'm guessing the combination of those two factors is why this number is so high.

Jump on this. Especially because Jin Air lost their Super Bowl against Hanwha I can't see them being anything other than defeated and DAMWON are going to want the rebound after a not so clean series against Sandbox. DAMWON are going to utterly obliterate Jin Air. Slam the under.

O/U: Map 1 UNDER 33:00 @ -116 (3 units, BOOK MAX)

O/U: Map 2 UNDER 33:00 @ -116 (3 units, BOOK MAX)


LPL Summer 2019 - Week 8 Day 6

I desperately want to bet Rogue Warriors here but I was legitimately impressed by Dominus' new players. It gave the team a new look and new identity that they desperately needed. I don't want to overreact to one series and we're paying a lot of juice on this one but I actually like Dominus here quite a bit. There isn't enough of a sample size to go heavy on this one but I'm going to put a unit on the Dominus ML. RW haven't had a lot of time to look into this new look Dominus and they have to be feeling confident after their victory against JDG. 

My book has a ton of juice but shop around for a line you like on this one.

Moneyline: Dominus -112 (1 unit)

Spread: Dominus -1.5 @ +189 (0.5 units)

This is a classic Invictus punt a game to a mediocre team spot. As an added bonus WE have actually looked pretty good recently. Against all odds they've overcome a lot of off the rift drama and are seeming to piece together a good lineup and second half push. WE are likely going to be one of the bottom playoff teams if they can maintain even most of their current form.

Invictus punt a game A LOT in situations like this  don't forget that.

Moneyline: Team WE +312 (0.5 units)

Spread: Team WE +1.5 @ +101 (1.5 units)


NA LCS Summer 2019 - Week 8 Day 2

I know they sort of threw but OpTic looked incredibly good against Team Liquid yesterday. If you took the nameplates off of that game you'd think you were watching FunPlus vs Invictus. I was extremely impressed with both squads. Liquids proactive defense is remarkable and OpTic managed to jump out on them in what looked like a game that was going to be a sub 25 minute smash. Golden Guardians aren't in the same ballpark as Liquid much less the same country at this point. Unless OpTic completely tilt off that loss today I expect them to completely rage stomp a struggling Golden Guardians. I also think the bottom lane mismatch is just so drastic and after seeing what Arrow and Crown did to TL's incredibly good bottom lane I can't imagine the whooping they're going to put on FBI and Huhi. For some reason my book is limiting me on this match but I'd actually make an exception to my three unit best of one limit on this match and up to four or five unless you think OpTic are going to tilt off. They looked really REALLY good even though they lost.

Moneyline: OpTic -152 (2 units, BOOK MAX)

This is a momentum bet. TSM trending down, 100 Thieves trening up. These odds seem a bit too far apart.

Moneyline: 100 Thieves +170 (0.5 units)



Parlay (2): OpTic ML + DAM/JAG Map 1 UNDER 33 @ +212 (1 unit)

Parlay (2): OpTic ML + DAM/JAG Map 2 UNDER 33 @ +212 (1 unit)

Parlay (3): OpTic ML + DAM/JAG Map 1 UNDER 33 + WE +1.5 @ +614 (0.5 units)

Friday, July 26, 2019

Betting: July 27th (LCK, LPL, LEC, NA LCS)

LCK Summer 2019 - Week 7 Day 3

We talked a lot about this matchup on the cast this week. The first time these two teams met I was on the Afreeca side and that was during Kingzone's dominant run earlier this split. My reasoning was that Afreeca's uptempo style and ridiculous talent level in their solo lanes could punish the good not great solo lanes of Kingzone. For the most part (not entirely) it played out that way. 

So why am I going to be so heavy on Kingzone then? There's a lot of reasons but I'll focus on perhaps the most important one. I've talked about it a few times recently but Afreeca are in a really narrow range of options in drafts right now because of the liability of Senan on non-tank supports and because of this other teams can more or less force Afreeca to have to ban things they normally wouldn't like Yuumi and Lux or pick it with a player that's struggling mightily to play them well. Add to the mix Mordekaiser who isn't only a borderline must pick/ban due to power level but has specific tools to completely nullify Afreeca's strongest attribute, snowballing early games. To some degree Afreeca have been solved and hold very little leverage in drafts right now. Either they're going to have to get really creative and flip the script entirely, bring in a substitution, or just play at an intergalactic level. 

I think the combination of these exploitable weaknesses and Kingzone's excellent drafting and game planning this season give me the confidence that they'll see and exploit the same things. I also think that Deft and Tusin are the best bottom lane in the world and hoenstly I don't think it's particularly close. These two are downright bonkers. They're turning into the bullies in counter matchups, absorbing unbelievable amounts of pressure and even in the games where they're strong side they're just doing a better job generating income and vision advantages than anybody. From there Deft can just do what he's done his entire career and be one of the best to ever play the position. I also think Rascal and Naehyun have proven to be far from "weaknesses" even against superior competition. I'm a tad skeptical in that I think Afreeca's solo lanes could potentially run away with one of these games but I think their lack of wiggle room in drafts right now is going to be such a huge problem until it's addressed that against good teams I just don't think they have a real solid chance.

Moneyline: Kingzone -238 (8 units)

Spread: Kingzone -1.5 maps @ +119 (3 units)

Gen.G were in a very commanding position and looking like they were going to take down SKT in game one of their series the other day but SKT were able to engineer the comeback and Gen.G just got run over completely in game two. I said on Twitter after the first game of that series that I'd have a lot of respect for Gen.G if they managed to put up another competitive game against SKT and even though they didn't I'm actually going to admit that I was impressed. Gen.G have a history of luring me in and then disappointing me but I'm going with them to 2-0 KT Rolster here. KT are still, seven months later, struggling to close games out and with the constant shifting roster don't seem to be able to find any momentum unless BDD can just carry a game by himself. I think one of the few things, until the other day, that Gen.G has been so good at is playing out late games and getting there without losing too much. I don't trust KT Rolster to punish them. 

I'm tempering my weight here because it's Gen.G but I'm going to put a couple units on the Gen.G sweep. Stylistically this is a bit of a nightmare for KT Rolster. KT have looked a bit better in recent weeks but still look pretty firmly planted in the lower tier of LCK teams at the moment.

Spread: Gen.G -1.5 @ -103 (2 units)


LPL Summer 2019 - Week 8 Day 5

Another match we talked a ton about on the podcast this week. John even made this his pick of the week! LNG have been impressive. Even in their strong opening against a relatively weak schedule we were still impressed. The thing is they've struggled against superior talent and RNG are one of, if not the strongest team in the LPL right now. To me the LPL breaks down into a handful of tiers with RNG, IG, and FPX in tier 1, EDG and TOP in tier 1.5 and LNG, BiliBili and ??? in that next tier 2. The question marks are because I'm not sure how JDG and WE and some of these other mid table teams are going to end the season but I do think LNG is almost definitely at least a bit better than all of those teams in current form.

I digress... This is pretty easy money. RNG do have some history of punting games to middling and bottom tier teams but they haven't been nearly as guilty of that this season as they have in years past. Perhaps the steady lineup and wanting to continue to incorporate LangX is doing more than just good things on the Rift but forcing this team to not coast to the finish line in the Summer split like they've historically done until playoffs.

I'm trusting RNG to smash LNG here. It's no disrespect to LNG at all, RNG are just on a completely different level.

Spread: RNG -1.5 maps @ -130 (3 units BOOK MAX)

I'm going to do the long story, short or TL:DR version of this one here because it's pretty simple. FunPlus should win this but EDG are a good enough team that it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them take this series down. If I was capping this series it'd probably be closer to something like FunPlus -150. That'd give FunPlus a 60% implied win probability. EDG have arguably better players pound for pound and are a fairly versatile team that I think could come up with a game plan for FunPlus' extremely linear style. That said, FunPlus have been beating teams that outclass them individually all season long and they've been one of the few teams on earth doing that as consistently and dominantly as they have been. 

The odds are off not just by a little but, in my opinion, by over 200 points. It's rare to get this kind of value with a team as good as EDG is. 

I'm only able to put a half unit on this currently (limited) but I'd honestly put three or more units on this pick. I think this most be the most grossly incorrect line we've seen all calendar year and we should attack that. This is a flaccid number. GO ATTACK IT!

Moneyline: EDG +245 (0.5 units, BOOK MAX) (would go three to five without limits)

Spread: EDG +1.5 maps @ -116 (3 units)

Prop: FunPlus to win a map? NO @ +514 (0.25 units)


LEC Summer 2019 - Week 6 Day 2

This is a good illustration of why it's so important to look ahead and get value on your lines. I'll be betting each of these anyway but I've lost a ton of value on them. DON'T BE LIKE ME TODAY AND GET AHEAD LIKE I USUALLY DO

We've lost 24 points on Splyce and 27 on Vitality.

I think Splyce are super consistent and look like a slowly improving third best team in Europe, almost in their own tier at this point. Schalke could very well take this series but I'm honestly surprised we're getting anything better than -200 on Splyce at this point. I think people are still skeptical. Splyce do everything Schalke does better than they do. I usually don't like favorites that play the same way but Splyce have been steadily improving their tempo and priority play and it's getting them some huge advantages in games. I think that upside plus their "fallback" plan being just a strictly better version of Schalke makes me confident enough to put my best of one max three units on Splyce.

Moneyline: Splyce -167 (3 units)

I've been impressed with Rogue but even with Vitality's struggles this season are you sincerely going to look me in the eye and tell me you think this match is close? Rogue is feeling like they could come back down to earth after playing their strongest handful of games ever and Vitality are still in good position to make playoffs if they can just clean things up a little. I also trust Vitality to be themselves and that could be a really challenging thing for the young squad of Rogue to deal with. On a more visceral end just look at this matchup and think about Jiizuke against this Rogue lineup. This game could just get out of hand ... at his hands.

Moneyline: Vitality -143 (3 units)

Fnatic are a cut above everyone besides G2 and unless we see the subs here I'm going to take them -200 against anybody in the LEC.

Moneyline: Fnatic -200 (3 units)


NA LCS Summer 2019 - Week 8 Day 1

Not a whole lot in NA on Saturday. I like 100 Thieves against Golden Guardians. Two teams trending opposite directions plus a lot of scuttlebut about 100 Thieves looking like the best of the bottom half teams in scrims plus the eyetest somewhat confirming that affrimation. Bit by feel more than I have a ton of evidence for but I'm rolling maxed on 100 Thieves tomorrow. Also parlaying them with 100 Thieves on Sunday vs TSM too.

Moneyline: 100 Thieves +101 (3 units)




Parlay (3): Kingzone ML + GenG ML + RNG ML @ +132 (3 units)

Parlay (4): Gen.G ML + Kingzone ML + RNG ML + EDG +1.5 @ +332 (1 unit)

Parlay (4): 
Gen.G -1.5 + Kingzone -1.5 + RNG -1.5 + EDG +1.5 @ +1320 (0.5 units)


Parlay (2): 100T ML (Sat) + 100T ML (Sun) @ +454 (0.5 units)

Parlay (3): Splyce ML + Vitality ML + Fnatic ML @ +308 (1 unit)

Parlay (2): Vitality ML + Fnatic ML @ +155 (2 units)

Parlay (2): Splyce ML + Fnatic ML @ +140 (2 units)

Parlay (2): Splyce ML + Vitality ML @ +172  (2 units)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Betting: July 24th and 25th (LPL, LCK)

LCK Summer 2019 - Week 7 Day 1

Griffin haven't looked themselves at all recently and it's definitely cause for at least some degree of alarm. For a team that's had the majority of it's success through superior discpline they've been uncharacteristically impatient since returning from Rift Rivals. Perhaps FunPlus' mid Pantheon tilted them off the face of the earth and has thrown this team into an identity crisis but I tend to think this might just be some midsummer malaise. Griffin have faced DAMWON, who look like one of the best teams on the planet right now, Afreeca, and the new look Gen.G since the Rift Rivals break. A challenging and stylistically varied set of opponents that would prove difficult for any team to prepare for. We even got to see Doran substitute for Sword against DAMWON for both games (I didn't think he looked bad in these series DAMWON is just really good). 

KT Rolster have also mixed their lineup up once again trying out Kingen and Score has proved to bring some degree of success as they managed to take down Afreeca 2-1. Before that it was Smeb and UmTi with losses 0-2 to SKT and 1-2 to Kingzone. KT looked pretty good against Afreeca but game one really fell off the rails for Afreeca so I don't want to look too much into that KT smashing. A lot of it was Afreeca's doing to themselves. Game three they managed to win a close, back and forth game with great use of map leverage and a camp that I thought would get outscaled. Long story short, we can expect KT Rolster to remain at least competitive and not mail things in as they battle Hanwha to avoid a relegation spot for the time being. 

This is a tricky game to cap. Last time these two teams faced off Griffin won the entire series in just under 53 minutes  (KT took one tower in two games) with an uptempo, fast paced game plan and executed it to near perfection. My eyes tell me Griffin have a somewhat poor read on the metagame right now and look uncharacteristically impatient. They remind me a lot of the SKT teams in meta's where Kkoma had a poor understanding of what's important in drafts. A lot of times they managed anyway but not always. It's almost like you can visually see the pressure on this team, like there is some sense of dread that they won't make worlds or playoffs or something. But my gut tells me that this team gets it together and either grinds KT Rolster to a pulp or comes out with a completely new look and just runs KT over in this series. 

The question is whether or not you consider the -133 a value or not and that largely depends on your projections for these two teams moving forward. Griffin should have been able to punish a very one dimensional Afreeca team but they didn't. Over the course of the last calendar year that has been such a rare occurance that I'd call it an outlier but between that and the past couple series showing us a Griffin team that looks mortal I'm a tad concerned. I think Griffin take this series convincingly. They've had another week on this patch and now get to see how other teams are operating as well. With this information I feel pretty confident in Griffin to bounce back here. I think people are getting a little too quick to dump on Griffin right now and we're getting a reasonable enough line to bet it.

Spread: Griffin -1.5 maps @ -133 (3 units)

Gen.G have dropped just a single game since the Rift Rivals break and they've faced the challenging schedule of Kingzone, Sandbox, Hanwha Life, and Griffin and remained undefeated in matches. A lot of people are pointing to the substitution of Fly for Kuzan as the primary difference but this entire team has transformed. They're no longer stubbornly drafting purely for scaling and they've unlocked Peanut to play the uptempo, aggressive style he became famous for. I want to take some time to dive into each of Gen.G's matches since the break. 

Against Griffin we saw the competitive debut of the Volibear support. As I've discussed this was something that was going to rear it's head at some point but we shouldn't really give Gen.G credit for innovating this it was just a niche pick a lot of pro supports have been testing. Anyway it threw Griffin for a loop in game one and the combination of that and Fly's Pantheon warped the draft enough in Gen.G's favor over these two games that Griffin just seemed off their game. Griffin were uncharacteristically impatient in these games. In game one there was a fight at dragon early that Griffin simply could have poked and not all-in'd for because they had superior scaling AND a 1-3-1 that was borderline unstoppable by Gen.G but they lost their nerve and fed a few kills and a tower over and that would eventually snowball the game too far in Gen.G's favor. 

TL:DR - Griffin were off in this one and the weird draft's by Gen.G in the first series back from Rift Rivals for Griffin really threw them for a loop Not gonna give too much credit although some must be given for defeating Griffin.

Hanhwa was actually competitive in game one against Gen.G and dictated the pace of the game for the first 35 minutes. Gen.G made a decisive call to take the second baron and Hanwha weren't ready for it. They traded the second baron for elder drake and inhibitor. By the time the third baron rolled around Hanwha forced the issue, CuVee commited the base race, Peanut got the steal on the baron and Gen.G stole one. Hanwha had zero business losing this game but showed, for lack of better terms, why they're a bottom team. They've been better recently but this still isn't a great team and we saw that here. Game two was fairly even but eventually CuVee's Vladimir just got huge, including a 1 for 1 in a 4 vs 1 that was almost a 2 for 1. This game was way sloppier and neither team played really well. It honestly looked like solo queue a bit and Gen.G came out on top after a pick near baron, baron take, and close all in one swift motion. 

TL:DR - Hanwha had a huge lead in game one and don't know how to close a game, and game two was a total clown fiesta where Gen.G eventually got a baron and Hanwha picked poor places to defend in a game they easily could have stalled out and lost quickly.

Another long game one that Sandbox punted badly at a goofy elder drake dance around 38:30. Gen.G once again had no business winning a game one and managed to convince the other team to throw. Game two they get credit for as they managed to out early game Sandbox's early game priority trio of Karma, Olaf, and Leblanc pretty handedly. Extremely impressive actually especially given their combination of Kennen, Skarner, and Taliyah. 

TL:DR - Sandbox punt a game one that was in their hands at a stupid elder drake dance and eventually lose off the momentum of that. Gen.G completely body Sandbox in game two with a vastly inferior early game trio but outmaneuvered Sandbox early. Impressive.

Kingzone utterly smashed Gen.G in game one winning every lane and styling pretty hard on Gen.G. Kingzone had a really weird throw around 13 minutes into game two where Cuzz gets caught on Zac in the bottom river and it devolves into this weird skirmish that nets Gen.G three kills including two onto the Veigar. I'll give credit to Gen.G for outplaying it but this could have gone really bad because their bottom lane didn't have priority but still beat Kingzone's bottom lane to the fight. Potentially a really risky play but worked out for them. From that point Gen.G ran away with this game decidedly. Game three it needs to be noted that Gen.G got Yuumi. A really weird, or perhaps next level (? I don't know...) bait for first blood by Fly and Peanut. It got a bit weird at times during the mid game for both teams. Kingzone with a weird overstay after a fight around 27 and a teleport back in to force the baron was a questionable decision without the Azir ultimate. It basically spoon fed a baron and multiple kills to Gen.G. Just a really bizarre play by Kingzone. I know what they were thnking but I'm really not sure they had to risk it when they had the Azir scaling in this game. There was a split call to finish the baron or turn... Gen.G just about won the game off of it. 

TL:DR - Gen.G get demolished in game one, looked like one of the best teams on the planet in game two, and then Kingzone forgot how to play League of Legends around THIS baron sequence to hand Gen.G the game in game three. 

So where did I end up on Gen.G after all this VOD re-review? I'm not buying Gen.G but I do respect that they're better than I initially thought. Games like the second one against Kingzone make me think this team should be good but then I see that they were more or less handed four of their last eight game wins and it becomes really hard to judge what this team really is. 

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is SK Telecom who have faced a very easy schedule since coming back from Rift Rivals but have completely obliterated their competition. In their three series since returning they haven't lost a game and haven't played one that was more then 30:39. In this six game span SKT have only died 22 times while scoring 67 kills. SKT are rolling.

SKT and Gen.G played a series before Rift Rivals. In a long game one with a superior scaling composition including Corki, Jax, Ezreal, and Yuumi, Gen.G managed to lose to SKT's early game team (with Gangplank backup). In game two SKT more or less ran them over without losing a tower. It must be noted that this series was played with Kuzan and SeongHwan played a game as well.

You could aruge that Gen.G are a different team since Rift Rivals. Fly is now the starting mid laner and Gen.G appear to have been rolling. You could also make the arguement that SKT are benefitting from an easies schedule. You could also argue that SKT could turn back into what they were at the beginning of the season but I tend to think both of these teams have turned the corner. The difference is that I believe one has gone from 0-100 mph while the other just appears to be going fast.

I'm not buying Gen.G and I am buying SKT. I know the easier schedule makes this look like a sucker bet but SKT are exactly the kind of team that Gen.G are going to struggle with. SKT make very few mistakes early or late and Gen.G have been benefitting greatly from their opposition making crucial errors. I also think SKT's solo lanes are playing at a very high level right now. Sandbox's solos have fallen off drastically and Hanwha and Kingzone had moments where their mediocre solo lanes were destroying Gen.G. Griffin I'll give credit to Gen.G for but again that matchup wasn't won in the lanes it was lost out of lanes by Griffin in game one. 

SKT are firing on all cylinders, their solo lanes at this exact moment in time appear vastly superior to Gen.G, and SKT aren't going to make the same errors that all of these other teams have made. Realistically Gen.G should have lost four of their last eight game wins and who knows where those series would have gone after that. Maybe they win them anyway, maybe they go 0-4. Gen.G are improved but have also been extremely lucky.

I think we're getting absurd value with SK Telecom at this number. I know I haven't had the greatest track record betting against Gen.G and I know this sounds an awful lot like what I said about them against Kingzone this past weekend but I think SKT are better than Kingzone at the moment by a big enough margain that I'm firing for the max amount on this matchup and making it my pick of the week.


Moneyline: SK Telecom -161 (6.5 units) 

Spread: SK Telecom -1.5 maps @ +156 (1.5 units)


LPL Summer 2019 - Week 8 Days 2 and 3

FunPlus should smash this but there isn't really any value to be found in anything other than the over/unders. I'm going to play the under game time here. FunPlus are averaging 29:36 for the season and while they just played a 32+ minute game against the awful Vici I've generally been trusting FunPlus to stomp on bad teams. They're proactive and aggressive enough to want to slam the door shut and not give these weaker teams a chance back into games. They've also not taken games off against poor squads.

O/U: Map 1 UNDER 30:00 @ -109 (2 units)O/U: Map 2 UNDER 30:00 @ -109 (2 units)

We saw what happened when LNG finally faced one of the better teams after their relatively easy schedule to start the season. They weren't embarassed but they were soundly defeated by EDG. TOP are about the same rating as EDG to me and both play a similar style. TOP, along with FunPlus have been the two teams we can rely on to not take games off ... until TOP did the other day. QiuQiu, after looking outstanding in his debut looked downright unqualified to be playing the Volibear support. I don't want to go into it too much but with the starters out and the sub on a champ it looked like he never played before it's no wonder TOP lost. With the starters back in (announced on Twitter) I expect TOP to be back to business as usual. Now LNG have been respectable this season and even a bit surprising but TOP are one of the elite teams in the LPL and there is a huge huge gap between the top five teams and the rest of the league. I'm willing to bet that.

Moneyline: TOP eSports -175 (7 units, BOOK MAX)

Spread: TOP eSports -1.5 maps @ +162 (1.5 units, BOOK MAX)



Parlay (2): Griffin ML + SKT ML @ -109 (2.5 units)

Parlay (2): Griffin -1.5 + SKT ML @ +169 (2 units)

Parlay (2): Griffin -1.5 + SKT -1.5 @ +329 (1 unit)

Friday, July 19, 2019

Betting: July 20th and 21st (LCK, LPL, LEC, NA LCS)

I've had a very up and down week. My single best individual day on Sunday followed by one of my worst but hey sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles. Can't be scared off, can't be overconfident.

I'll be away almost all day Saturday so I won't have time to writeo n Saturday so I'm just going to do the full weekend writeup in one post!


LCK Summer 2019 - Week 6 Days 3 and 4

This is one of the marquee matchups in any region this weekend. Two of the best teams on the planet coming off of losses. I'm going to keep this short and sweet and advise you all not to tail blindly here. You should be on one side of this game or the other and there is plenty of justification for both.

Perhaps the primary justification for DAMWON is the "mismatch" between Nuguri and Sword. Sword has been a bit exposed for only playing the priority blind pick champions this season so it made Griffin's drafts a bit too predictable and in their two most recent series they were punished for it. The thing is we saw Sword playing a different role last season. What am I getting at? First, Sword is a more versatile player than I think people are giving him credit for. Second, he played that same role for the entirety of Spring split and didnt waver so we shouldn't rule out that he'll just continue to do so this split. What else does this mean? Well honestly did Griffin look bad by the end of the season in Spring? Outside of their playoff loss to SKT not at all. They were dominant.

I'm going to be on the Griffin side. Consider my flag planted.

I happen to think that this is STILL one of, if not the best team in the world and they were just adapting to a new patch and got punished for "safe" preparation instead of being proactive. I'll remind everyone that Griffin still have three of the best lanes (by metrics AND the eye test) on the planet. Like literally lanes in isolation against any lane anywhere in the world Griffin are probably winning. As a matter of fact do that thought experiment to yourself. Build your own super team. Ignore language barriers and build the three best lanes you possibly can. I bet Griffin are like 50/50 against that team maybe even winning. I mean absolutely no disrespect to DAMWON here at all. They also look like one of the best teams on the planet I just happen to think Griffin have fewer liabilities. 

This is a bit personal preference for me so, as I mentioned at the top, I'd advise not blind tailing here. The "value" is in DAMWON if you consider these two equal. This line should probably be something like -120 / +100 for Griffin (you could argue it should be that in favor of DAMWON). I'm betting Griffin getting no value and am basically wagering this as a gut feeling wager on Griffin. Tail if you like but I'd say just pick the side you like or don't bet this at all.

Moneyline: Griffin -161 (3 units)

This line opened at -227 / +167. Kingzone -1.5 @ +123.

If Gen.G could play the way they played game two against Sandbox every game then I'd be willing to change my tune on Gen.G.Gen.G look pretty good but they also haven't been punished at all in their recent matches. I don't know if that's a problem with the LCK or just this patch or a combination of the two or what but I haven't found Gen.G to be playing particularly great defense. They've been a bit more proactive in some games, like the game two I mentioned earlier but they've largely remained the same team with just overall better performances from individual players. Maybe that's enough. Maybe Gen.G is just diet Griffin now and they can just lane you to death but I'm not buying it.

Kingzone had an absolutely embarassing loss to Hanwha Life yesterday that blew a hole in mine and a few colleagues' bankrolls. They honestly looked like they were sleeping through this match but credit to Hanwha for probably their best performance this year. I actually thought earlier in the week that this could be a let down spot for Kingzone and that Gen.G could keep their LCK tour of beating teams that slack off cuz they're ahead in the standings (I'm exaggerating slightly but think about it...). Now that Kingzone had that wake up call against Hanwha AND Gen.G have been rolling of late I fully expect Kingzone to be game for this match.

I want to be careful not to just assume Kingzone are an elite team. I honestly expected them to finish this season making the playoffs but maybe at 4th or 5th after a blazing start but this team has continued to impress me (until yesterday). I don't want to forget just how good Kingzone have been. There is an argument for them as the best team in Korea. I might not agree with that but the point is they've earned enough respect to be considered.

I dodged two bullets with my embargo on Gen.G bets but I'm lifting it for this because I simply can't say no to this at this number. I actually think this is a value for Kingzone now. I was going to bet this last week at Kingzone -227... I might get blown out here but I'm willing to bet in a Gen.G game for this kind of value. Knowing them they'll prolly find a way to ruin me but I'm not going to abstain from this one it's just too juicy.

It's important for me to advise you all that I have an absolutely awful track record with Gen.G. For those that have followed me for awhile it's a bit of a meme at this point. Gen.G have caused more net losses for me than any other team BY FAR.


Moneyline: Kingzone -227 (5 units) (put in early last week)

Moneyline: Kingzone -164 (3 units) (add on)

Spread: Kingzone -1.5 maps @ +123 (2 units)(early last week)

Prop: Gen.G to win a map? NO @ +123 (0.5 units)(early)

Prop: Exact Kingzone 2-0 @ +134 (1.5 units)(add on)

Prop: Gen.G to win a map? NO @ +156 (0.5 units)(add on)

This looks really weird because I'm limited and these odds changed. At the current number I'd bet the total amount of these at that better, new number.

Kingzone ML 8 units

Kingzone to 2-0/-1.5/Gen.G to win a map NO combined total 4.5 units

Sometimes you catch a bad beat (like Kingzone against Hanwha) but other times there is some detail you missed and I think I was wrong about Afreeca this morning against KT Rolster because I was too blinded by how bad KT Rolster was and what I consider to be a good Afreeca team. There were a few angles to this.

First, I think Afreeca have been figured out a bit. It's not to say that they can't play through that but it's a factor that should at least put a chip in their armor. Senan is a liability on any support that isn't a tank and really he hasn't shown well on anything that isn't Nautilus or Galio. He's a specialist so that's going to happen. I assumed he'd get better over the year and develop his pool but that doesn't seem to be the case. The problem this is causing is that Afreeca are now in a rough spot drafting because with Yuumi and Lux still remaining the power pick supports, Afreeca are either forced to pick or ban them in a lot of situations or it limits what the rest of their draft can look like even if Senan "counters" with Naut or Galio. Alternatively other teams can also ban his picks and force them to ban Yuumi/Lux because they know he'll either be bad on it or not pick it meaning they can get it on the pick back from either side.

Second, the introduction of Mordekaiser is going to be another must pick/ban that Afreeca are going to have to consider because it stymies early pressure so much with his ability to stall from weakside and avoid dives. That's going to make Afreeca's uptempo, snowball style a lot tougher to pull off. For those that don't know, the new Mordekaiser is not only extremely hard for melee champions to play into but also extremely difficult to dive and punish without weird counterpicks. It's not a flawless champion but it's one that directly affects Afreeca's style and it's going to be yet another ban for them to have to consider on top of the above mentioned Yuumi/Lux situation with Senan.

TL:DR - New patch, new champion, and Senan being a liability (not a bad player just very linear) is going to make Afreeca's drafting AND their snowbally style really REALLY difficult moving forward. So I think we're going to need to knock them down a peg.

So I'm not betting this but I'm curious to see if this line goes down after Afreeca's absymal performance against KT this morning. If this gets into the -180 or better range I'll bet it but for now I'm going to just include this in a couple parlays. I know things are working against Afreeca and that Jin Air showed a little life against SKT this morning but honestly Jin Air have shown "a little life" against almost everyone this season and have nothing to show for it. I'm sorry Jin Air but I don't think you're going to take a series this season :-/ If they can't take a game with some of the leads they've had then I just don't think they understand the game at a high enough level to actually close one. I hope I'm wrong but I'll be betting against them until that happens. It's a shame too because their laners have been doing a decent job (besides TaNa who, on Mordekaiser, got solo killed by Khan around level 6 this morning which is something that should never happen). 

No wager (including the AF -1.5 in parlays)

Sandbox just had an embarassing loss to Gen.G not because losing to Gen.G is embarassing, quite the contrary in their current form, but in the manner they lost. Hanwha just had a surprise victory against Kingzone. This line hasn't moved yet but it almost definitely will when money starts coming in I just think people haven't looked ahead to Sunday yet. I love Sandbox to bounce back here. Hanwha just played their best series of the year and I'm not betting on them to repeat. Sandbox are going to back with a vengeance after how embarassed they were by Gen.G particularly in game two. They'll be surprisingly motivated for this game and I expect them to completely stomp HLE. I put this wager in earlier this week but I kind of love it even more now after the embarssment Sandbox experienced. We will get some value on this just wait for it but I'm going to be a heavy five units on the Sandbox sweep here. Sandbox aren't the #1 team in Korea but the'yre still an excellent team and Hanwha simply aren't. Don't be fooled by a couple weird series from these two squads.

WAIT FOR THE LINE TO MOVE IN OUR FAVOR BEFORE BETTING THIS I'm just putting this down now since I won't be here tomorrow.

Spread: Sandbox -1.5 @ -192 (5 units)


LPL Summer 2019 - Week 7 Days 5 and 6

RW Holder has been impressive in the top lane and along with ZWuji have been leading RW to some competitive showings this season. I don't think Suning are that great a team. They're almost certainly the better one of these two but I love Rogue Warriors as heavy dogs against a mediocre team and think they're favored to take a game and perhaps this series and stun a still overrated Suning team.

This is primarily a value play but I think Rogue Warriors are a weaker team that punches up well and they have a couple players that run away with a game and hard carry in Holder and ZWuji. I like the dogs here.

Spread: Rogue Warriors +1.5 maps @ -156 (1 unit)

Moneyline: Rogue Warriors +185 (0.5 unit)

There are two feature matchups in the LPL this weekend between four of the top five teams. These are two of the best teams in the LPL but the rub here is that we haven't seen RNG since their last LPL match June 30th. They didn't go to Rift Rivals this year. The lineups have been announced and it's the full starters for both, as expected. It's really hard to gauge what we'll see here. On one hand RNG have seen some film from EDG on this patch and have had almost three full weeks to prepare for their second half push. On the other hand we have EDG who are looking in dominant form right now. 

My gut tells me the right side is RNG here. If you believe in "shaking off rust" vs "running hot" then take EDG because I actually think there is probably some value there. I think with both of these squads playing their best that its something like RNG -120 vs EDG +100 so just based on that you should take EDG but I can't help but think the off time is only going to help this veteran RNG squad. Combine that with the fact that they've already seen some of post RR EDG on film and can prepare specifically for this and it's pretty hard for me to feel confidently about EDG here. I'm going to take the RNG moneyline for a few units. This is another gut feeling call because I think the value is in EDG but it's extremely rare three weeks off in the middle of a season like this happens and it's a potentially distinct advantage for RNG. There is a chance this backfires and the "rust" aspect or running into a hot EDG team is just too much but I'm willing to bet on preparation especially with RNG against a good team and with experienced, intelligent veterans.


Moneyline: RNG -159 (4 units)

I bet this before the somewhat shocking news that Changhong is retiring. After three years primarily spent in the LDL he finally made it to the pro scene and had a really solid Spring split. He was struggling a lot this split with tanks mostly eliminated from the metagame but has decided to call it quits for now. Really alarming news because Dominus were already lacking a real carry on this team and if they had one is was Changhong. As a matter of fact they were almost living and dying by him. A true "tank carry" player. His weaker Summer performances (primarily because he's been patched out) are a big reason why this team only has a few game wins this season and went from a 60% win rate, 4th best record team to one that's battling Vici for the bottom of the table. 

In his place will be Melody from Dominus' LDL team. I know next to nothing about him so I won't sit here and pretend I do but I think this team needs a few things. Firstly a true leader or to band together and grow a pair so to speak and secondly a top laner that isn't incapable of playing the meta top laners. On one hand you could argue that this only helps Dominus but you could also say that Dominus, being a team that's more the sum of their parts than their individuals, is a team that relies heavily on team play and synergy rather than standout performances.

I'm going to leave these wagers as they are because I'm intrigued and almost think this can't hurt as bad as it seems for a team that's now tied for last. They desperately needed a change of pace or something to light a fire and maybe this is it. If it's not and this team looks like it's going to be a dumpster fire then so be it but I'm willing to give the new kid a chance even against the formidable Zoom. 

I WOULD NOT BET THIS GAME NOW but there is very little value in hedging so I'm just going to let it ride. If you want to join in I'd actually wait until more people here this news/see the lineup and likely hammer the JDG -1.5 in order to get some value. I'm going to leave my wagers as is and hope the new kid can surprise.

Spread: Dominus +1.5 maps @ -137 (2 units)

Moneyline: Dominus +213 (0.5 units)

The game of the week in any region. The two best teams in the LPL and two of the best teams in the world. They're also two tremendously entertaining teams to watch. This is another situation where I'm planting my flag but the truth is you could make an argument for either of these teams at these odds. If you think Invictus are still shaking the rust off from their time without being a full roster then FunPlus is the side. They look ridiculously impressive right now. I'm looking at this as Invictus' welcome back party. I also think FunPlus, while formidable, are a linear and "solvable" team and that Invictus have the individual players to do just that. I also think the rust doesn't really apply to a team of this caliber even with the style they play.

Even simpler when are we ever seeing Invictus at plus odds? Like really when's the last time? Consider my flag planted on the Invictus hill. I think FunPlus are very good and I hope to see them represent China at Worlds but Invictus is the best team in China and you know they had this match circled on their calendar.

Regardless of which side you choose or if you even bet this just enjoy this series it should be a great one between two elite teams. Get the popcorn ready!

Moneyline: Invictus +100 (3 units)


LEC Summer 2019 - Week 5 Day 2

ROGUE is now -175 vs Misfits

Misfits is starting an entirely new lineup so if you believe that's a positive for them then there is an argument for taking Misfits here but I'm loving Rogue's form right now. This line is likely higher now with Rogues win against Fnatic today but I still love it!

Moneyline: Rogue -132 (1 unit)(early wager)

Vitality have looked bad enough executing that I'm willing to take Origen over them here laying -185. I love Vitality and that they always go down fighting but they're simply not good right now. It's a real bummer.

Moneyline: Origen -185 (2 units)


NA LCS Summer 2019 - Week 7 Days 1 and 2

NEWS: Keep an eye on Twitter/Reddit to see if we hear anything about Impact starting or not. For those that don't know, Impact and TL Academy player (and former Karthus god and inpsiration for me personally as a Karthus main) Insanity were in car crash when taking an Uber. It doesn't appear that anybody was hurt as they were Tweeting about it but there was a picture with Impact in a neck brace posted. It was likely just cautionary from EMTs. I'm sure he'll be starting but just keep and eye out just in case.

I have a few selections I like in the NA LCS this week. I won't write on the ones I'm not betting but feel free to check out the podcast where we talked about each match!

I love what CLG has been doing this season. They started the season in midseason form with a new top laner which is really impressive. However, I've been saying it all season long, I'm not sure how much more room for growth this team has. In other words CLG have been playing closer to their ceiling since the start which was notable but now that we're halfway through the season we need to ask who this team really is. I think they're a middle of the table team. They're strong, consistent and will likely make the playoffs but can we definitively say they're better than the "bottom" teams? That answer has more layers to it because we have 100 Thieves and FlyQuest who are looking like they're better than the massive win/loss holes they've dug themselves into and are starting to come into the form we thought they'd have before the season started. FlyQuest look confident and collected. I don't think they're going to get hot enough to make playoffs but don't tell them that. I absolutely LOVE this spot for FlyQuest especially because CLG's best players Wiggily and Ruin are going to have a tricky time dealing with Viper. One of these teams is progressing, the other is stagnating. I think the break even point might happen this weekend. CLG are going to finish the season with a better record and pole position than FlyQuest but they might not finish the season the better team.

Moneyline: FlyQuest +141 (1.5 units)

This is a combination of my affirmation that OpTic, despite a rough past couple weeks, are a good team and that Echo Fox are an absolute dumpster fire right now. This is a bettable line and I'm going to just take it. Three units is my max for a best of one with a few exceptions. We're going to max out here. Take the free money.

Moneyline: OpTic -200 (3 units)

Licorice should be back for Cloud 9 and they should be able to handle a CLG team that looks firmly planted in the middle of the table as a good not great team. We're not getting a lot of value here at all as a matter of fact the value is probably on CLG based on the season so far but I'm loving Cloud 9 to get into form in the second half of the season and show that they're in a tier above the rest of the LCS besides Liquid.

Moneyline: Cloud 9 -196 (3 units)(put in Friday)

Again, I feel that OpTic are better than they've looked in the last couple matches and think that TSM have been overperforming a bit. I also think that Crown is one of the few mid laners that can handle Bjergsen. I rate TSM as a slightly better team than OpTic. I'm going to put a unit on OpTic here because I think we're getting some crazy value on OpTic. This line should be like -130 TSM at worst. I'll take a flier on OpTic.

Moneyline: OpTic +162 (1 unit)(early wager)

Two similar teams that had awful starts and have looked to finally get it together. I expect both of these teams to remain competitive even if they don't make playoffs if for no other reason than pride and potential future employment for some of them. I think FlyQuest are a better team and that FakeGod is going to have a really REALLY difficult time with Viper. This should probably be even money and we're not only getting value with FlyQuest but I happen to think they have the largest mismatch on the map weighing in their favor. 

Moneyline: FlyQuest +113 (3 units)(early wager)



Parlay (2): Sandbox -1.5 + Afreeca -1.5 @ +105 (2.5 units)

"Long Shot #1" Parlay (5):
Kingzone ML + Griffin ML + Afreeca -1.5 + Sandbox -1.5 + Invictus ML @ +951 (0.5 units)

"Long Shot #2" Parlay (5):

RW +1.5 + RNG ML + Kingzone ML + Griffin ML + IG ML @ +1294 (0.25 units)

NA LCS Saturday #1 Parlay (3): OpTic ML + Liquid ML + Cloud 9 ML @ +163 (1 unit)

NA LCS Saturday #2 Parlay (4):
OpTic ML + Liquid ML + Cloud 9 ML + FlyQuest ML @ +534 (0.5 unit)