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Results Oriented Thinking

Results Oriented Thinking
The single biggest obstacle to becoming a better gamer

                Down to the final two in a big poker tournament the dealer dishes out your cards for the hand. Your opponent looks nervous, his stack of chips is dwindling down with each round of blinds.  All you need to do is close out this hand. Here come the cards, Ace-Ace, the best possible starting hand. You bet enough to put him all-in, which he reluctantly does to avoid being worn down to nothing. The flop comes out, Ace-Two-Three. Sweet I've got Trips! The turn comes, another Three. I have the best possible hand still. The river? Another Three. Since he's all in you flip your cards to reveal your Aces full of Threes Full House. He flips to reveal Four of a Kind Threes... STOP

What happens in your mind immediately as this occurs is incredibly important. The average person will say one of two things:

1) "He Got Lucky!": This is, mathematically, accurate. Pocket Aces provides you with more than an 80% chance to win before any other cards are dealt in Texas Hold-em Poker. Hitting the set on the flop makes it even more so.

2) "I shouldn't have put him all in. I should have slow played them.": In most situations where you have the opportunity to put an opponent away you take it. He likely is going to have to continue doubling up from all-ins to make a comeback to beat you so this is your best chance to put the nail in the coffin.
What the majority of people don't realize is that there is another way to look at this scenario...

3) "I made the right play and had the right thought process behind that decision. That's all I can do. Let's look forward to the next hand."

What is Results Oriented Thinking?

                Results oriented thinking is a psychology term which describes the human condition whereas we closely link the outcome of a task to how well we did the task. In other words, when a person "wins" with a certain strategy they will more than likely go back to that strategy again when provided a similar scenario even if it wasn't correct. Conversely this also applies to losing. In the example above, that player may never put an opponent all-in with pocket aces ever again, even if it is the correct play simply because they have lost with pocket aces a handful of times when they, statistically, shouldn't have and FEAR the same result.

What causes us to be results oriented thinkers?

                It's much easier to remember the extreme situations in our lives whether it's a really tough paper you had to write for school or when you earned a scholarship but these scenarios are few and far between. Statistically the majority of our lives occur somewhere in the middle of these extremes. We've all seen a Bell curve. You don't exactly remember your typical Wednesday where you woke up, went to work, came home, ate dinner, and went to bed when you're reminiscing with friends because your mind has no reason to label that day as memorable. Now if you had gotten a raise at work that day you would probably remember that day much more fondly. In competitive activities you tend to remember the extremes just as you do in your life. It could be a really tough loss that eliminates your team from the tournament or that time you scored three goals to get the win but you rarely remember a "typical" game. Often we recall the actual result and not the process of getting to that result. However it isn't just this approach that causes us to have results oriented thinking.

                One of the most difficult things in both life and in competitive games is to accept variance. What is variance? Variance is running into traffic because there was an accident on the way to work. Maybe you get sick the day you have your final exam, or the power goes out or any other myriad of unfortunate events that hinder you from accomplishing what you came to do. Most good, competitive games have a lot of variables that make them interesting from game to game. In poker, each hand at an eight person table has, literally, millions of possible layouts.

How does all of this apply to League of Legends?

                In League of Legends there are currently 119 champions, 5 players on each team, 6 bans (in ranked games). If you crunch some numbers you'll be baffled at the amount of possible combinations. If you compound other variables like DC's or server lag or "feeders" the possibilities are nearly endless. The point I'm making is that there is only one thing that every single solo queue game you play has in common other than the actual game itself (League of Legends in our case)...

The only constant from game to game is YOU

                 There is an outstanding post from a League forum that I read that compared League of Legends solo queue to poker and other skill based gambling games like poker (I'll put the link at the bottom of this article). The author describes your rating as the sum of three variables:

1) Your input: This is everything from your mechanics to your decisions and other techniques. Whether it be runes, masteries, item build, deciding to stay for the extra wave, to roam for a gank, etc. Most importantly however, this is ALL CONTROLLED BY YOU.

2) In-Game Events: These are the things that are out of your control. A player DC's, the other team makes an outstanding outplay, an invade fails miserably, your teammate is a beast and carries you, etc. THESE ARE OUT OF YOUR CONTROL.

3) Volume/Sample Size: This is simply your sample size. Amount of games, amount of times you've played a specific matchup, amount of times you win with first blood. This can be anything but the key point we're focusing on here is the volume of solo queue games you play. YOU CONTROL THIS.

** The main point here is that you control both 1 and 3 but you DO NOT control 2! **

"The exact same attitude that pro/semi-pro online poker players have regarding individual hands is the one that pro/semi-pro LoL players have regarding individual games. They both look ONLY at 1 for analysis/improvement and completely ignore 2." -evmode (reddit)

                The moment that you make a conscious decision to ignore 2 and accept it is when you can now choose to focus on both 1 and 3 which are the factors that will truly help you improve as a player. However, it is not an easy mindset to accept and apply.

"The difficulty with implementing this (approach) in LoL is that each game takes so long - it's harder to emotionally isolate yourself from a 35 minute investment than in a 1 minute investment in a game like poker." -evmode

                The reality is that it's extraordinarily difficult to completely remove emotion from such a large investment of your time. For the vast majority of people League is their leisure time and it sucks when your leisure time is ruined. Ever gone on vacation and the weather sucked the entire time? It's not fun but you make the best of it and enjoy your time off. You don't go on a psychotic rampage directed at the weather and take it out on all of the people around you because that would childish wouldn't it? Anyway, it's not easy to "emotionally isolate yourself" from the result so how can you start doing so?

STOP focusing on the RESULT and START focusing on the PROCESS

                The best advice I give to people I'm coaching or giving tips to for ranked play is to "Try to win but stop caring about winning." It's a little strange I'll admit but the thought process behind the phrase is to get people to focus more on their own play and less on others. Remember our poker example from earlier? Someone that is thinking about the process (instead of the result) will remember that he put his opponent all in because he knows that a pair of aces has an 80%+ win rate in a heads up (1 on 1) situation against any other pair before the flop. He knows why he made that play and that it was the correct play to make so he has no reason to even question it afterwards. Heck, if he won he probably wouldn't have even thought about it.

                Hopefully it's becoming a bit easier to see the big picture here but it can still be difficult to get into this mindset consistently so here are some questions that you can ask to start testing yourself:
                - Why did I choose this champion, this build, this rune page, etc.?
                - What did my opponent do well against me?
                - Was I monitoring the game state (buff timers, current builds of the strongest players, etc.)?
                - Was I contributing positively in chat (or at least not negatively)?

You can also start doing the following:
                - Asking higher rated friends to review a replay with you
                - Practicing 1 v 1 against better players
                - Tracking advanced statistics (like I do!)
                - Consulting better players about pre-game strategy AND in-game adaptation

(#1 + #3) - #2 = ???

                Going back to our little math problem I think you can begin to piece together the simple reality here. You need to play well consistently (#1 or 'your input') and play A LOT (#3 or 'volume') to overcome variance (#2 or 'in game events').  Simple right? Wrong!

The Dangers of Flawed Self-Critique within a Mathematical System

                "You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else." -Tyler Durden from "Fight Club"

                Losing sucks. Having DCs sucks. Trolls suck. But the system doesn't care about your unfortunate (or fortunate) series of events. The system only cares about the one constant from game to game which is you. It doesn't care that you want 25-0 or that you went 0-25. You are just a number. If you fed 10 games in a row and won 9 of them all the system knows is that you won 9 games and lost 1 and it gives out LP based on the "quality" (rating) of your opponents in those games compared to yours. Does that mean you played well or "deserved" those wins? Absolutely not. Once again #2 DOESN'T MATTER but the difference in this situation isn't variance, it's your input (#1). You obviously made a lot of wrong decisions and misplays but you were rewarded anyway.

                The point is that the rating system, be it ELO or League Divisions, is just another thing fighting against you. You might be going up through the divisions with ease even if your play isn't improving or is maybe even worse. Conversely you might be dropping like a sack of Teemo's but your play could be significantly higher than where you typically perform. Once again, the only constant from game to game is YOU and you need to be your own evaluator because the numbers and league divisions will only tell you a small part of the story. You need to accept responsibility and take the proper steps fix errors whether you are winning or not. THE RESULT STILL DOES NOT MATTER!

League of Legends Solo Queue: The Second Job

                That's a hard truth to swallow for a lot of people. There are millions of people playing this game and if you want to be great then you have to outwork the competition. If you actually want to improve League of Legends isn't unlike most jobs. If you get outperformed in the workplace you get replaced or that other person that outworked you gets a raise while you're stuck twiddling your thumbs and likely making excuses like "I've had to spend time with the girlfriend" or "I went out and partied last weekend". Well guess what? While you were doing that your co-worker was putting in extra hours, working on a new program, cleaning the store, and doing other things to EARN THEIR RAISE. In League, Mr. NextGreatPro88 was busy grinding out solo queue games, practicing his last hitting, watching replays and discussing strategies with high level players while you were busy playing Diablo 3, or hitting on chicks at the bar. So why is it right to get mad at them? They deserve it more than you don't they? Why do you feel you're entitled to that raise when you've been outperformed? Because you're not, that's why.

Tempering Expectations

                I'm not saying you need to drop everything you're doing and grind solo queue full time. I'd actually highly advise against that. What I am saying is that, you can't expect to step onto a stage and play Sergei Rachmoninov's 3rd Piano Concerto better than a famous pianist, or serve an ace to Rafael Nadal. The saying isn't "Practice makes perfect" but "Perfect practice makes perfect." Malcolm Gladwell says in his book "Outliers: The Story of Success" that it takes about 10,000 hours of practicing a specific task to truly master that task.  Just like any other skilled activity, League of Legends TAKES PRACTICE. Concentrated, focused, high-intensity practice. For us League players that practice is best against equal or greater competition. And that doesn't just mean playing norms with friends, or ARAMs every night. You can't expect to achieve a high rating in League by playing 10 games and then complaining about how you had feeders in two of them while you played 4 ARAM's yesterday.

                Am I saying that you can't have fun with your friends? No, you should. Am I saying that AFKs, and DCs, and trolls are awesome? Absolutely not, they suck no matter how you present it. Am I saying to drop everything and try to "go pro?" No. All I'm saying is to have REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Much like most things in life you get back what you put in. The 167th ranked Challenger xMastaYoshi has put in 1442 ranked games SO FAR in Season 4. His win rate? 50.76% Not that impressive right? But he's put the time in to overcome the variance. Make up your mind on whether you want it or not before you start playing because doubling back on your goals because of a bad attitude is a poor strategy in both life and video games.

Other scenarios in which to avoid results oriented thinking

                While the applications of this concept reach far and wide across almost all competitive activities there are a few other scenarios that commonly pop up in League of Legends that I'd like to briefly discuss.

                The first of which is the concept of being "countered" in lane or "counter picks." Typically a counter pick is a champion that excels against the champion you are playing either in lane or in principle (a split pusher vs a team fighter for example). Simply put, a lot of people either don't have the proper sample size (amount of games) on a certain champion to even know its actual counters and neither does the person playing the counter in most situations. If you've lost to Teemo five games in a row it doesn't necessarily make him a counter to your champion. You, the player, could have trouble against Teemo or maybe you've played a handful of great Teemo players. Don't judge a matchup on a small sample size.

                Another example I wanted to talk about is what I'm going to call "stubborn" builds. This is something I see ALL THE TIME. Top lane bruisers that refuse to build tanky even when they're losing because "my build is Hydra to Trinity Force bro!" or mid laners that insist on Tear over Chalice against Leblanc because "I need Archangel's not Athene's!" The fact is that people are stubborn and this is another example of being ROTty (results oriented thinking). Just because it worked for you in two previous games doesn't mean it's always correct. The same applies to "odd ball" builds like ADCs that relentlessly build Hurricane or other sub-optimal items just because "it worked great this one time!" Grow up, admit to yourself that it's not working, and do everything in your power to win.

Final Thoughts

                The odds are stacked against you. Millions of players, millions of variables, constantly evolving game states, etc. Not only do you need to deal with the external variables, however, you've also got to look inward. Am I making mistakes? Did I build correctly? Am I doing everything in my power to improve? I've always pictured your ELO or League rating as a number that defines how consistently you perform but also how well you evaluate yourself. As we've already discussed, the only constant from game to game is you. YOU determine how well you play. YOU make all the decisions. YOU put the time in. YOU are also responsible for knowing whether or not you're right or wrong which means doing your homework, eliminating stubbornness and emotion from your decisions, and ADMITTING YOU'RE NOT THE BEST.

                One of the inherent problems with competitive activities is that the human mind sees only the result (results oriented thinking!!). Why do you think professional sports teams have coaches? And why do you think those coaches have general managers? It's simply because you often don't realize you're making a mistake or need somebody to make an adaptation in your play for you. Now the professional players have these resources but we do not. All we have is the information we've accrued. I personally think that the biggest difference between most challenger level players and most low to mid diamond players is their ability to self reflect and adapt according to that information is significantly stronger. Bronze players don't even know that what they're doing is wrong. Silver players sometimes know they're wrong but not until after they fail. Gold players know what they're doing is wrong and do it anyway, for better or for worse. Platinum players know what they're doing is wrong and can usually get away with it because they're "gifted" or just used to making it work.

                If I had to sum up improving at League of Legends in three words it would be "constant self evaluation." Critique every single nuance about YOUR play that you possibly can. Stop caring about other people, or winning, or losing, or any of the other myriad of excuses that are readily available to you. Take control of your own destiny. DON'T LET YOURSELF MAKE EXCUSES! Focus on your own abilities and decisions, grind out the games, and temper your expectations and I guarantee you'll find this game significantly more satisfying. This is the biggest life lesson that a video game has ever taught me and if you can apply it to your everyday life you'll become more than a better gamer, but a better person.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Predictions for Summer Split NA and EU LCS

This is going to be significantly harder to do with all of the roster changes and everything but here are my thoughts....

----- = Seperation of the different tiers

North American LCS

#1) Cloud 9
I see no reason why Cloud 9 doesn't repeat at the top regular season record in the NA LCS. They're just solid from top to bottom showing little to no weakness that they can't overcome within this region. They might lose an extra game or two more but overall I still see them being first place with little to no problem.

#2) Counter Logic Gaming
I think it's finally time. We saw flashes of brilliance from CLG toward the end of last split. We also saw that Link (as I've called in times past!!) is a world class mid laner from his performance at all stars winning bad matchup after bad matchup. The addition of Seraph to the top lane will not only give CLG the most dominant top laner in NA but also the added motivation that Seraph brings. He's hungry for success and given up a lot to be here. He wants this badly and I believe his teammates will follow suit. Along with the coaching of Montecristo which already led to huge improvements I think CLG becomes the clear #2
#3) LMQ
This is going to seem wrong at first. LMQ more or less brute forced their way through the qualifiers and even got sloppy against certain competition. They didn't really adapt to the meta at all bringing a lot of their Chinese style to their new home but I think with time they'll adapt. Each member is incredibly gifted mechanically and despite seeming lazy at times, they showed up and completely dominated when things mattered. I think they're going to start slow but finish strong once they get comfortable and figure things out.

#4) Dignitas
Dignitas are going to be another brute force team to me. Shiphtur and ZionSpartan have the ability to pull bans and a lot of attention in game which will take a lot of the pressure off of IWD and company to over perform. That being said, I don't think either of these acquisitions really solved Dignitas' main problem which was strategy and shot calling. If they can manage to improve their macro strategy and decisiveness they could easily finish near CLG but I just don't see that happening. This is a respect ranking purely for the skill of QTPie, Shiphtur and Zion if he performs.

#5) Curse Gaming
Xpecial will add more to this team than a lot of people will give credit for. A winning culture, world class laning, and decent shot calling along with the huge chip on his shoulder could actually push Curse towards a placing as high as #3 but a lot depends on the performance of Voyboy in the mid lane and if he can continue to improve as he did toward the end of the Spring split.

#6) Team Solo Mid
To be honest, I want to rank EG ahead of TSM but I'm not entirely sure about their rumored tryouts and roster changes entirely. I think TSM still have the impressive individual skills to place anywhere in this 3 to 6 range which is the only reason they're here. They'll be in shambles with the loss of Xpecial. Amazing is an impressive mechanical player and if he can take over the shot calling and strategic duties they could very well prove me wrong but I think the off season moves were the best for the long term and they'll suffer in the short term (this split).
#7 Complexity
I love this team. The passion, the comradery, the storyline, but they're just not ready. Maybe it'll take the split of getting used to things but I feel like this is just bad timing. This split will be NA's most competitive yet and they're entering the Thunderdome at the wrong time. That being said Prolly is an absolute beast and Brokenshard CAN be. So it's possible they prove everyone wrong. They are, in fact, an incredibly innovative team and could catch some people off guard. They have nothing to lose and that's scary to a lot of teams.

#8) Evil Geniuses
I just don't see it to be honest. The lone bright spot for this team, to me anyway, is that Pobelter is done school and completely devote himself to League. For someone of his talent and confidence that could end up being huge but his team will hold him down. I wouldn't be surprised if EG was dead last by a long shot unless they make some unbelievably good moves.

European LCS
#1) Alliance
You saw how they finished the regular season. I don't think they'll flare out of the playoffs like that again. Simply put, the combination of Alliance on the up and Fnatic (in my opinion) on the down means they'll be the clear cut #1.

#2) SK Gaming
SK straight up surprised me last season. I had almost written them off. They're an excellent strategic team that plays whats powerful and doesn't mess around. I think consistency will be the name of the game for them. Again with the downward trending Fnatic and all but dead to me Gambit they're in contention to be the clear #2 and earn a spot at Worlds.
#3) Fnatic
While I think they're on the downswing I still think they're better than the rest of what EU has to offer right now. I stand by what I said last season. I feel like burnout has to become a factor and with their documented laziness regarding international events (drunk at all stars...) combined with a general lack of competition in terms of quality international style play I think it'll actually end up making Fnatic start the slope down. It wouldn't surprise me to see them revamp the roster from multiple retirements/firings. That being said they're still better than most of Europe...

#4) Roccat
Roccat also surprised me. Granted I knew nothing other than Overpow is a beast before the season started. They showed remarkable poise and strategic versatility. If they can bring more of this versatility and less "cheese" I think they'll come back solid now that they've had a split under their belts. This is again a matter of lack of really dominant teams in Europe. I also think Roccat, similar to Gambit is the most susceptable to an injury or roster change problem because of the language barriers.

#5) Millenium
I like Millenium. Not nearly as much as I liked the Forrellonlord version of the team but i still like them. Kerp is underrated as well as Kevin and Creaton and Jree have been one of the strongest bot lanes in Europe for awhile now. KottenX proved that he's legit in his limited time at the end of the split showing that he is a playmaker willing to take some risks. I think they'll bounce back strong and perhaps place as high as 3rd.

#6) Supa Hot Crew
Supa Hot Crew got themselves a coach and analyst. That alone is going to help them leaps and strides because they're all pretty good individually and just lacked macro strategy. This is pretty much just a respect ranking to show that they're trying while Gambit and CW are self destructing. 

#7/8 Copenhagen Wolves / Gambit Gaming
7 and 8 could go either way but these teams suffered critical losses in the off season and didn't really come close  

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Sophisticated Airing of Grievances

A fan, and guy on my friends list who will remain unnamed decided to discuss his solo queue frustrations with me. The following rage-filled conversation ensued. Be warned, its quite long. (Thinking about doing a dramatic reading of this on youtube)

Let this be a lesson about results oriented thinking.

[12:27] Particularly Angry Guy: 9/1 karma top vs riven.
still lose.
[12:32] : this game flat out sucks anymore
[12:32] mid Gelati: depends on what you're looking for
i treat it like poker, or magic the gathering
its a skilled gambling game
[12:33] Particularly Angry Guy: its no longer skilled though
[12:33] mid Gelati: all you can do is enjoy the process, minimize the variance by improving your own play, and accept a certain amount of said variance
[12:33] Particularly Angry Guy: everyone in plat..
like theres no difference anymore
with this stupid new system
every fucking scrub is plat v
its not even hrd to get to anymore
[12:34] mid Gelati: so grind it out and get through it
[12:34] Particularly Angry Guy: okay
elaborate what more i can do
then go 9/1 and chunk the entire enemy team
for half hp
what else
can 1 person do
[12:34] mid Gelati: first of all, you're looking at one game
you cant have a results oriented mindset
[12:34] Particularly Angry Guy: every game
is that though
i have recordings
for evidence to back that up.
[12:34] mid Gelati: then just play more games
if you're honest to god shit stomping your opponent every single game then it will show that over the course of a larger sample size
and if thats not what your into then i dont know what else to tell you honestly
its a grind
[12:35] Particularly Angry Guy: i played 7 games tonight, won 1 , every game i played either good enough or extremely well with no problems.
explain that
[12:35] mid Gelati: you played 7 games tonight? all ranked?
[12:36] Particularly Angry Guy: normal and ranked.
[12:36] mid Gelati: i see 4 ranked games
i see 9 ranked wins on teh season
[12:36] Particularly Angry Guy: yes
[12:36] mid Gelati: the fact of hte matter is, you dont have the numbers to support any sort of data
im not trying to be a jerk im just telling you how it is
so hear me out here
[12:36] Particularly Angry Guy: why would i waste my time
19 games..
[12:36] mid Gelati: then dont
you know what you were signing up for
no one is making you play
[12:37] Particularly Angry Guy: im thoroughly convinced
either 1. nobody cares about winning , or 2. more children or born autistics than ever before
theres no other explanation
[12:37] mid Gelati: yea theres a ton of shitheads
[12:37] Particularly Angry Guy: u should see these games
and this is platinum
i dont expect
i never ever expect challenger skilled players
in this
[12:37] mid Gelati: low platinum is where people think they're good and play with recklessness
[12:37] Particularly Angry Guy: but i also dont expect u
to flat out throw the game
and run into the other team to suicide
all i ask is for a team that wont suicide
[12:38] mid Gelati: just know that statistically it happens to everyone
[12:38] Particularly Angry Guy: and i can win
[12:38] mid Gelati: so the only thing that you can do is to not be that guy, perform consistently game to game, and eliminate the variance
[12:38] Particularly Angry Guy: i can play forever
[12:38] mid Gelati: well as much of it as possible
[12:38] Particularly Angry Guy: i try every lane
[12:38] mid Gelati: you literally need to be a robot about it
[12:38] Particularly Angry Guy: nothing works
[12:39] mid Gelati: alright listen
[12:39] Particularly Angry Guy: u realize season 3
i go to diamond so fast
i won 4 games
and skipped diamond 5 to diamond 2
teams had skilled players
it was actually fun
now every single fucking troll
is somehow platinum
[12:39] mid Gelati: so now you're just going to quit because you have to work to get there?
[12:39] Particularly Angry Guy: im putting in plenty of work
my hand hurts
my wrist hurts
my head hurts
[12:39] mid Gelati: you're not putting in plenty of work
[12:39] Particularly Angry Guy: i threw my mic and broke it
i just went
9 and fucking 1
[12:40] mid Gelati: listen
[12:40] Particularly Angry Guy: with a fucking
[12:40] mid Gelati: listen
im going to lay this out as logically as i can for you, because thats the only way i know how to do things, its going ot be cold, and direct,
if you dont want to hear it or believe it or whatever thats fine, but you cant say i didnt say it
lets look at this purely from a numbers standpoint
we'll keep it simple
theres 10 people in a game
if you are shit stomping and dominating your specific opponent in every single game like you're saying, then you should win roughly 10-20% more games over a large sample size
we'll say 10% for simplicity
obviously you'll lose some that you get fed in, and win some you lose in, but we'll ignore that
if you're dominating that hard, over the course of say 100 games you'll win 10 more
so maybe yu're 60-40
[12:42] : whcih is a 60% win rate, which is really really high
the point im trying to make is this
you've played what 19 games in ranked this season?]
you dont have a large enough sample size to see whats actually going on
if you're honestly whooping as much as as you say you are, play more games and you'll see the results
you cant look at a small sample and assume things
[12:44] : i feel like shit cuz im slacking this season, im not working hard enough, and im being punished for it
[12:44] Particularly Angry Guy: thats just stupid then
spam games and go up
the game is flawed them
[12:44] mid Gelati: if you're actually dominating then yes, play games, go up
[12:44] Particularly Angry Guy: 19 games
is alot of fucking time..
thats like 10 hours
[12:45] mid Gelati: i have a friend thats played 500 ranked games this season already
he was diamond 1 last season
he just got diamond last week
[12:45] Particularly Angry Guy: exactly
the system is fucked.
[12:45] mid Gelati: the fact is, theres like 30 million people playing this game (a small fraction of that play ranked)
people are better, there are more resources
you dont just get good by talent, you gotta work at it
if you really really want the rating and think you deserve it then prove it and play the games out and put the hours in just like everyone else does
but you cant honestly expect results when you've put in a fraction of the time that others have
solo queue is literally like poker
you get bad beats, you can play perfectly logically and make the right plays and you'll still lose
look at the best players on the planet
wild turtle still loses a lot
he just plays thousands and thousands of games
faker loses games
[12:47] : just because doyle brunsen used to be hte best poker player didnt mean he automatically won
you take the good with the bad
variance, theres 10 people in a game, you only control 10%
[12:48] Particularly Angry Guy: the point is the game is flawed and should be shut down as we are speaking then, every other game if ur good ur good, if ur bad ur bad
[12:48] mid Gelati: you need to learn to accept that
[12:48] Particularly Angry Guy: its not "oh i played 100 games so im higher ranking"who wants that
[12:48] mid Gelati: thats not true at all
[12:48] Particularly Angry Guy: why was i diamond every other season
season 1
season 2
season 3
[12:48] mid Gelati: if i play 100 games and go 50/50 id be exactly where i am now
[12:48] Particularly Angry Guy: and now all the sudden
its borderline impossible to win
[12:49] mid Gelati: i think you've just had a bad string of games and you're frustrated
it happens, we've all been there
you're literally tilting to me right now in this conversation
you're refusing to see the logic
id recommend stepping away for awhile
[12:49] Particularly Angry Guy: i stepped away
since last november
it is now may 2014
[12:49] mid Gelati: people are better now
[12:49] Particularly Angry Guy: u mean wrose
[12:49] mid Gelati: dude
im trying to be as logical and down to earth as i can
what do you want me to tell you?
ive laid out what it is
[12:50] Particularly Angry Guy: me: 9/1 jungler didnt come top a single time. mid lane: 2/7 support: 0/3 ADC: 1/5 jungle : 4/3
[12:50] mid Gelati: if you dont like it then go play something else
[12:50] Particularly Angry Guy: how do i win the game
[12:50] mid Gelati: you dont
[you dont win the game
[12:50] Particularly Angry Guy: thats the problem
[12:50] mid Gelati: because there are 10 people
[12:50] Particularly Angry Guy: i want a diff game but there are none
[12:50] mid Gelati: and you are 1 person
[12:50] Particularly Angry Guy: its a monopoly
i fucking hate this game tbh
but theres nothing else
to do
[12:51] mid Gelati: dont do things you hate
[12:51] Particularly Angry Guy: u have no choice but to play this
[12:51] mid Gelati: there's always a choice
start going to the gym
[12:51] Particularly Angry Guy: i do
[12:51] mid Gelati: maybe pick up another hobby
[12:51] Particularly Angry Guy: why
[12:51] mid Gelati: learn to play piano
[12:51] Particularly Angry Guy: 1 of the skilled players of 100,000,000 players
why would i go play another hobby
i know how to play piano
and guitar
and clarinet
[12:52] mid Gelati: can i ask how old you are?
[12:52] Particularly Angry Guy: 0
[12:52] mid Gelati: aight
im just trying to settle this down for you
im 27
if you dont like it then dont do it
you should go find something you like and do it
just play norms, or maybe pick up another game
or some other hobby
but you absolutely shouldnt do it if you dont like it, no matter how good you think you are
[12:53] Particularly Angry Guy: ive already invested enough money and time in this game, and now that im one of the few good people left in the game, i cant get away from it. its literally throwing 6 years out the door.
this game is ranked, if u dont play ranked, ur wasting ur time
competitive and nothing else
[12:53] mid Gelati: theres about 25 million people that would disagree with you
[12:53] Particularly Angry Guy: u play normals, u play and then whatnothing
where do those normal games go
that u play
what does that go towards
what are u working for
[12:54] mid Gelati: less tahtn 30% of the population even plays solo queue
some people just play to hang with friends
others to relax after a long day
[12:54] Particularly Angry Guy: thats wasting ur time
[12:54] mid Gelati: others to immerse themselves in something that isnt rl
some people love wasting their time
this is just relaxation for them
[12:54] Particularly Angry Guy: but its wasting their time and mine
because i get them
on my team
[12:55] mid Gelati: you think a poker shark that sits at the casino and grinds doesnt think that every time some drunken idiot comes up and gets lucky and hits quads on the river against them?
waht do they do? they dont rage and walk out
they ship the cards and move on to the next hand
because they know that over the long haul the'yll be more successful
[12:55] Particularly Angry Guy: and what if they arent.
[12:56] mid Gelati: if they arent, then there is something wrong with their technique
because over thousands and thousands of hands, if they're consistently losing, then maybe they need to alter the way they play
but they cant determine that until they've seen a large sample size
[12:57] Particularly Angry Guy: thats just stupid
all i know is this is going to take
until next season starts
[12:57] mid Gelati: if you feel that way then id recommend you doing something else
[12:57] Particularly Angry Guy: to get anywhere
even though winning my lanes 10/0
its unfair to me
[12:57] mid Gelati: and if thats the approach you're going to have then sadly im not sure you'll be very successful
[12:58] Particularly Angry Guy: they need to start banning people that dont speak english
not banning me
for saying usuck
im not ruining the game for people
[12:58] mid Gelati: can i be honest with you right now dude?
[12:58] Particularly Angry Guy: im helping them win
i had a team tonight
4 people from brazil
or some shit
no one spoke english
and they arent banned
but ill be banned
for flaming for 5 hours
[12:59] mid Gelati: id recommend you reading what you're typing to me right now
because it honestly looks like a raging 5 year old throwing a tantrum
[12:59] Particularly Angry Guy: i dont care
ive played this since 2009
[12:59] mid Gelati: then why are you asking me?
[12:59] Particularly Angry Guy: and have had 4 accounts permanently banned
because of retards
who make me do it
[12:59] mid Gelati: nobody makes you do it
you can mute them
you can ignore chat
you can not type anything
[1:00] Particularly Angry Guy: how do i ignore
or 3/15
[1:00] mid Gelati: you CHOOSE to say something to them
[1:00] Particularly Angry Guy: bot lane
[1:00] mid Gelati: you make a choice in your head to type something to them, derogatory or not
[1:00] Particularly Angry Guy: the game needs a ranking system that takes into account ur individual play
[1:00] mid Gelati: you know thats impossible
[1:00] Particularly Angry Guy: its nothing but win or loss and it sucks
Bf4 does it.
skill level
[1:00] mid Gelati: then go play bf4?
if you hate the system and hate the game then stop playing it
i dont know what you want me to tell you dude
i tried being logical and you're just not hearing it
that sucks that you're frustrated
it sucks that you feel that way, but thats the way it is, if you cant handle it then id suggest looking elsewhere to invest your time
[1:01] Particularly Angry Guy: one day
fist through screen
and itll be over
[1:02] mid Gelati: because there is a certain amount of randomness
if you cant handle that then there's no need to push yourself to this point of anger
[1:03] Particularly Angry Guy: i just dont see why i need to go somewhere else as the best player in the game
why dont the other people
get forced out
doesnt make sense
isnt fair
no justice
[1:03] mid Gelati: you're not the best player in the game
the best player in the game would realize his talents, put the time in, and prove that to everyone
instead of pussying out cuz he lost a few games
michael jordan never did that
you think he didnt feel like he had to carry his teammates every game? cuz im sure he did
[1:04] Particularly Angry Guy: I WENT
[1:05] mid Gelati: but jordan never said shit about his teammates
he ust worried about himself and improving
and thats why hes the best there ever was
[1:05] Particularly Angry Guy: BUT WHAT IF
[1:05] mid Gelati: then you're approaching this wrong
[1:05] Particularly Angry Guy: UHHHH I CALL MID LANE
[1:05] mid Gelati: and you deserve to be banned if you're being this toxic with people
[1:05] Particularly Angry Guy: NEXT GAME
[1:06] mid Gelati: for the record, im putting this conversation on my records as an example
you need to relax
you lost a few games
keep dominating that hard and you'll carry future games
if you dont have the patience for that
then play another game
[1:07] Particularly Angry Guy: please do
spread the word
maybe someone like me will understand
and chances are hes good
no fucking reason
for a 3 season 2200 elo player
to be ripping out his hair
to get anywhere
[1:09] mid Gelati: your rating doenst entitle you to future success
even though the way they reset between seasons it actualyl does entitle you slightly
ive got a teaching degree
i dont automatically get a job cuz i got the degree
[1:10] Particularly Angry Guy: FUCK THIS GAME
[1:05] Particularly Angry Guy: UHHHH I CALL MID LANE
[1:05] mid Gelati: and you deserve to be banned if you're being this toxic with people
[1:05] Particularly Angry Guy: NEXT GAME
[1:06] mid Gelati: for the record, im putting this conversation on my records as an example
you need to relax
you lost a few games
keep dominating that hard and you'll carry future games
if you dont have the patience for that
then play another game
[1:07] Particularly Angry Guy: please do
spread the word
maybe someone like me will understand
and chances are hes good
no fucking reason
for a 3 season 2200 elo player
to be ripping out his hair
to get anywhere
[1:09] mid Gelati: your rating doenst entitle you to future success
even though the way they reset between seasons it actualyl does entitle you slightly
ive got a teaching degree
i dont automatically get a job cuz i got the degree
[1:10] Particularly Angry Guy: FUCK THIS GAME
[1:13] : ill be recording every game
that i play
this week
[1:13] mid Gelati: for what reason?
there is a right answer and a wrong answer to that question
[1:14] Particularly Angry Guy: so because im not diamond 1
ill have proof
that i am
by my play
and not by what other retards
[1:14] mid Gelati: nobody will care until you show them the results
shit this game is more like the real world than youd think
nobody gives a fuck if people are keeping you down, they only give a fuck about what you've achieved
[1:15] Particularly Angry Guy: it will be a nice thing to show u
so u can see
where im coming from
[1:15] mid Gelati: look
[1:15] Particularly Angry Guy: theres a difference between winning and losing
[1:15] mid Gelati: im not denying that it isnt happening
[1:15] Particularly Angry Guy: theres a difference between losing and losing because no one cares
[1:15] mid Gelati: im sure you're completely dominating every single game
[1:15] Particularly Angry Guy: i dont mind losing a match...i really dont...a fair match
not one where i have 3 people
into towers
thats the losing that is stupid
[1:16] mid Gelati: you think the rest of hte solo queue world hasnt experienced that?
[1:16] Particularly Angry Guy: not rlly
[1:16] mid Gelati: you need to stop thinking you're the exception
[1:16] Particularly Angry Guy: because somhow
these idiots that dont even speak english
are where im at now..
so i dont think they are
[1:16] mid Gelati: i had a game earlier with a guy speaking cantonese
another one with a guy that dc'd and never connected
im not sitting hee bitching about it
because IT HAPPENS
it happens to you, to me, to hai, to faker, to bjergsen
shit, challengers gotta deal with being drop hacked half the games
[1:17] Particularly Angry Guy: working out fine for everyone else then
not for me
[1:17] mid Gelati: if you cant take a couple feeders then you wont be able to deal with any of that stuff without you throwing your monitor
you've played 19 games
[1:17] Particularly Angry Guy: THATS
[1:17] mid Gelati: 19 fucking games
[1:17] Particularly Angry Guy: ALOT MORE
[1:18] mid Gelati: no its not...
[1:18] Particularly Angry Guy: AND OUT OF 19 GAMES, 5 OF THEM
[1:18] mid Gelati: turtle has 2 accounts in the top 10
[1:18] Particularly Angry Guy: WERE FAIR
[1:18] mid Gelati: each with 400+ games on them
[1:18] Particularly Angry Guy: i dont have time
for that
and shouldnt need to
[1:18] mid Gelati: then dont expect to be there
[1:18] Particularly Angry Guy: but i was there
[1:18] mid Gelati: no you werent
[1:18] Particularly Angry Guy: diamond 1
4 accounts diamond 3 to diamond 1
[1:18] mid Gelati: turtle would shit stomp you 9 times out of 10
[1:18] Particularly Angry Guy: all permanently banned
[1:18] mid Gelati: you're not the best
you dont have the right attitude
[1:19] Particularly Angry Guy: i know im not the best
but im up there.
ive won plenty
vs good people
[1:19] mid Gelati: so fucking prove it without raging and getting yourself banned
[1:19] Particularly Angry Guy: cant
[1:19] mid Gelati: like dude i dont know what you want me to tell you
[1:19] Particularly Angry Guy: my mind gets
blown up
too much
[1:19] mid Gelati: do you work?
[1:19] Particularly Angry Guy: yes
[1:19] mid Gelati: a full time job?
[1:19] Particularly Angry Guy: and go to college
part time work part time college
[1:19] mid Gelati: ok
you know what happens if you have this kind of response in the work place to someone else not doing their shit?
you BOTH get fired, ebcause you're replacable
[1:20] Particularly Angry Guy: actually at my work no XD
but ya
other jobs
[1:20] mid Gelati: for lack of better terms dude, you gotta grow the fuck up
if you're seriously this good
[1:20] Particularly Angry Guy: can't
[1:20] mid Gelati: then this should just be a bump
[1:20] Particularly Angry Guy: idk what to do
to make others play better
[1:20] mid Gelati: play more
you cant maek others play better
you need to accept that
play 1000 games
show everyone how good you are over the course of 1000 games
[1:21] Particularly Angry Guy: i play like
[1:21] mid Gelati: if you are that much better, then even assuming half those games you get trolled or dcd
[1:21] Particularly Angry Guy: maybe 5 games a day
[1:21] mid Gelati: listen
assume you have a huge troll magnet and you get railed
500 of those games you lose or whatever to trolls or dc's or whatever
you damn well better win those other 500 because thats how good you're saying you are
or at least you're acting that way
you need to put the time in
its not all about talent, its about work ethic
[1:23] Particularly Angry Guy: thats a complete joke because i never
[1:23] mid Gelati: if you want to be good at this game its a job that you need to commit your time and hours to
[1:23] Particularly Angry Guy: ever played that much
last season, i have multiple people including sneakycastro that would vouch because hes on my f list
[1:23] mid Gelati: then let me reverse this then
[1:23] Particularly Angry Guy: have multiple screenshots
i jumped
diamond 5 to diamond 2
in 4 wins
my record
was like 50 wins 80 losses
i never ever
played even close to 500 games
in a season
[1:23] mid Gelati: did you ever, for a second, think that you got lucky?
[1:24] Particularly Angry Guy: for 3 seasons  no
and because i played well
[1:24] mid Gelati: i mean im positive that never crossed your mind of course
[1:24] Particularly Angry Guy: and was complimented by many
i dont think that was luck
it couldve been
but very unlikely
[1:24] mid Gelati: but maybe you got good matchmaking and got paired up and rattld off a couple huge lp wins in a row
[1:24] Particularly Angry Guy: thats fine, couldve been
[1:24] mid Gelati: you're never going to achieve great things with this kind of attitude
thats all im saying dude
[1:24] Particularly Angry Guy: but lucky, no, good , yes
[1:24] mid Gelati: you're being so unreasonable that im starting to think you're trolling me or something
[1:25] Particularly Angry Guy: no
just wondering why people still play this stupid game
thats it
[1:25] mid Gelati: yea, why are YOU playing THIS stupid game?
[1:25] Particularly Angry Guy: because i like to play games
but nothing else is out
unless u got ideas
mmorpgs suck now
or id play one
[1:26] mid Gelati: mmo rpg isnt for you
you dont put hte hours in because you feel you should be able to outskill someone
you should be playing something thats 1v1
if you seriously feel this way
are you gaming for a living?
then why do something you dont enjoy
[1:27] Particularly Angry Guy: i like to play games
and im usually very good
warcraft 3 was great
[1:27] mid Gelati: then go play starcraft 2
[1:27] Particularly Angry Guy: spectacular, well directed game
i dont like sc2's gameplay
[1:27] mid Gelati: or any of hte other games out there right now
[1:27] Particularly Angry Guy: weird
[1:28] mid Gelati: if you want to be hte best 1v1 person go play chess
where there is zero variance
because its always the same
[1:28] Particularly Angry Guy: no one plays cheess
[1:28] mid Gelati: and its purely mathematical
literally millions of people play chess
so thats just a lie
[1:28] Particularly Angry Guy: no one i know
are u talking
[1:28] mid Gelati: either or
chess has very few variables
it is just the game, as pure as it can be
nobody else to hold you down except for you
[1:29] Particularly Angry Guy: eh maybe
[1:29] mid Gelati: [no randomness
because thats what you're describing to me that you want
you want something that lets you just be better than everyone else
without anybodyh olding you down
[1:30] Particularly Angry Guy: ya
[1:30] mid Gelati: you want to be rewarded for being techincally perfect
[1:30] Particularly Angry Guy: if they could impliment that into this
thatd be rgeat
[1:30] mid Gelati: they cant
because there is billions of variable
1 player out of 10 in a game, 120ish champions, blue side/purple side, first pick last pick
other team does fast push, you do poke comp
literally billions of possibilities
its what makes it what it is
the way you speak its like you want things in a vaccuum
and thats just not realistic
chess is like the closest it comes honestly
[1:31] Particularly Angry Guy: lame
welp there goes 6 years
of my life
[1:32] mid Gelati: i just hope you dont approach your life this way cuz the world is even more random than this shit lol
its ok to feel the way you do if you act on it, and dont just sit around bitching to some guy on the internet
you couldve played another game i nthis time :)
and i could have too and now i feel like im wasting my time
[1:33] Particularly Angry Guy: i do, because winning 9 of 19 games, 10 of those games in which i was Godlike, 3 of those in which i was "okay" not Godlike but good enough, and the rest which i just went afk after 1-25 start by the
[1:33] mid Gelati: you're not seeing the big picture
and i wish i could get you to see that
but i need to get some shit done now
[1:34] Particularly Angry Guy: alrighty.
cant wait to see my games tomorrow
prolly will commit suicide
by then
[1:34] mid Gelati: i thought you were done
[1:34] Particularly Angry Guy: im just doing it to simply show people recordings now
see if i can get people to stop playing this
[1:34] mid Gelati: i wouldnt bother, nobody is gonna give a shit
you're just going to get a few "man that sucks bro" and a couple "quit being a bitch and play more games"
and you wont feel any better
if vengeance is what you're after, then id aim it elsewhere because the little children of hte interwebs dont give a fuck whether you're gods gift to league or not
[1:36] Particularly Angry Guy: that sucks
[1:36] mid Gelati: yea it does
but its the way it is
[1:36] Particularly Angry Guy: i want to cry.
people are so bad
[1:36] mid Gelati: if it makes you feel better go for it
[1:36] Particularly Angry Guy: it makes me want
to literally cry
that im a human
they are human
and im stuck
with this
id take my dog
[1:37] mid Gelati: you know what dude
[1:37] Particularly Angry Guy: 9 matches of 10
[1:37] mid Gelati: i guarantee you somebody has said this about you in some capacity of your life
and im sure you wouldnt have appreciated hearing it from them
[1:38] Particularly Angry Guy: 0
[1:38] mid Gelati: i bet you were like 5 minutes late to work one day, or missed something minor and your bsos was like "jesus christ i have fucking carry this scrub ass"
[1:38] Particularly Angry Guy: 0_0
no lol
[1:38] mid Gelati: but he didnt say that
[1:38] Particularly Angry Guy: im very good
[1:39] mid Gelati: because thats not what people do
if you're so good then why dont oyu own the place?
[1:39] Particularly Angry Guy: thats impossible to do
[1:39] mid Gelati: is it?
[1:39] Particularly Angry Guy: how do u just buy a store
[1:39] mid Gelati: you go to the bank and ask for a loan
[1:39] Particularly Angry Guy: LOL
[1:39] mid Gelati: and prove to them that you deserve it
[1:39] Particularly Angry Guy: the he,l
[1:39] mid Gelati: its the same exact thing dude
thats what im trying to tell you
[1:40] Particularly Angry Guy: what i do and what the franchise CEO does
are completely different
[1:40] mid Gelati: my point is that you're not perfect
but you're sure as hell acting and talking like you are
and thats really immature
[1:40] Particularly Angry Guy: im not perfect
i just expect other people
to be decent
[1:41] mid Gelati: why would you do that?
[1:41] Particularly Angry Guy: because its not hard
very easy game
i quit for 6 months, had no idea what the meta was
[1:41] mid Gelati: maybe it is hard for us mortals in the population
[1:41] Particularly Angry Guy: and dropped a 9/1 twitch
i can play whatever role i want, whenever i want, under any conditions
its an easy game
but people dont try
or something
[1:42] mid Gelati: then stop playing
seirously just stop playing
[1:42] Particularly Angry Guy: too late
for that
[1:42] mid Gelati: like you literally cannot accept that you are only one out of 10
you really cant
its not to olate for that
[1:42] Particularly Angry Guy: if u dont win a 9/1 karma match
what will i win
nothing more in my physical
[1:42] mid Gelati: you'll win the game wehre you go 1/6/4 on twitch
[1:42] Particularly Angry Guy: hand
[1:42] mid Gelati: because THATS VARIANCE
you cant control it
[1:43] Particularly Angry Guy: what happens when i go 9/1 for the next 50 games
and still at the same spot
[1:43] mid Gelati: you'll prolly win like 30 of them
[1:43] Particularly Angry Guy: thats not fair now is it
but i have a curse over me
[1:43] mid Gelati: oh jesus christ dude
im done
[1:43] Particularly Angry Guy: ok
[1:43] mid Gelati: you cant be reasoned with
i tried ot help
[1:43] Particularly Angry Guy: thats fine
[1:44] mid Gelati: i wish you the best of luck in your endeavors but i cant deal with your toxicity and negative attitude anymore, and you should honestly uninstall it'd be good for you
i honestly cant believe i kept typing, something i need to improve on
[1:45] Particularly Angry Guy: its fine
ill just keep a gun
close to me
so i can fucking
kill myself
over idiots