Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thoughts and Adaptations for Patch 4.5

     I'm not going to go in depth about every single change but simply talk about the "big ones" and changes I'm making personally to adjust for the purposes of solo queue.

With the nerfs to his AP ratios and overall changes to his kit to make him more of a melee brawler and I think Gragas is no longer a must pick/ban champion in mid lane. I do however think his new kit is very conducive to jungling with a better instant heal, new auto attack augmentation, and slightly higher base damage on body slam, as well as buffs to certain jungle items you might end up seeing Gragas out of the jungle or as an "anti tank" in the top lane.

To be honest with you I don't play enough Rengar to really make too much of a judgement about the power level of these changes. I do think it makes Rengar's long fight potential significantly higher than it was before and makes counterplay more possible instead of him just appearing and stomping your ADC (or mid lane). We'll see how this affects things but since Rengar wasn't really picked or banned THAT often in platinum solo queue I'm not sure this change affects me that much.

Graves has historically had some mana issues and the slightly nerf to the cost of quickdraw and slight buffs to the damage on Collateral Damage's explosion damage, especially at rank 1 you might begin to see Graves appearing again in dedicated AOE comps and possibly in most comps. Not entirely sure if his matchups are currently too bad to make these changes worthwhile but this is a nice tweak.

Exactly as they say in the patch description, Heimer was a bit too powerful early in the game so they brought his turret damage slightly down and made his ultimate laser not start with a beam charge so you couldn't place is and effectively use it as "another spell." I don't think he's the high ban rate he was anymore with these changes as you can now possibly even solo kill him in lane without dying (though I wouldn't advise that).

They gave Khazix the "Ahri ult" change from last season where they increased the time between casts of his ultimate's charges. They also made his upgraded ultimate not reduce tower damage anymore. Overall I don't think this changes Khazix very much but it does prevent him from doing some absolutely stupid broken things. Still worth a ban in solo queue.

Lee Sin
The Safeguard changes seem really threatening to Lee Sin's viability to me. While he wasn't the best champion in the hands of non-elite players, this does make his decision making significantly more difficult and while I don't think it really affects his overall power it will make him much more difficult to play optimally. Banned sometimes, probably not worth it at all except at the highest level.

People are freaking about this change. I don't think it changes what Leona does or how powerful she is at all. The people complaining about this are the people that are bad at Leona and bad at positioning anyway.

Thankfully this mid lane pest will fall out of popular favor. The enemy follow duration as well as overall base damage nerfs to her E will make it so that Lulu can't just instantly burst you dead WHILE BEING A TANKY UNKILLABLE NUISANCE. No longer worth a ban.

Miss Fortune
This is a significant buff to MF. Damage across the board, a slightly different ultimate that now stacks impure shots up make her an interesting option again. The test is going to be whether or not the damage makes it worth her lack of escape which is exactly the reason she wasn't played before. The difference this time is that these changes provide an INSANE amount of damage. I'll certainly be trying her as she used to be my go to ADC (because I suck at ADC I could just be an ult bot). 

Slightly nerf to his ult at rank 1 doesn't really change just how dominant Renekton is right now but I do like the "nerf it a bit" over the "nerf to oblivion THEN buff". Some counterpicks (Ryze) are popping up but Renekton still seems to be king of the top lane. Still worth a ban!

Twisted Fate
Surprisingly relevant change and improves quality of life on TF players that aren't really really good at him (like me!)

Slight nerfs to his early damage and armor shred on the Q make him less of a threat when ganking but don't take away from his core impact on a game. He just won't be dealing stupid amounts of damage, just high amounts. Maybe worth a ban still? Monitor situation

Nerfed his attack range by 25 which doesn't really change that much except in certain matchups (to be decided)

Crazy quality of life change to Malzahar's voidling attack order that actually makes him a viable option against pushers like Ziggs, Morde, and Morgana.

His passive getting popped by a large monster or siege minion even if it doesnt hit the 40 threshold is kind of irrelevant and but will potentially make him take more damage during non-ult ganks (lol?). Overall still powerful. Still worth a ban.

Blue Trinket changes
I think with the change to 2 minutes people were going to invade more, which they did, but the counter to this is buying wards early not buying the blue trinket. I still think its the best trinket in the extreme late game and it gets a little better in that situation. Not much of a change here in my opinion.

Jungle Items: Elder Lizard and Feral Flare
SotEL slight nerf doesn't change it much. The real change is that FERAL FLARE IS STUPID BROKEN. It's just too damn powerful. You can have it as the only damage item and then go tank and you'll still beat the living hell out of squishies with little to no sacrifice. Interesting to see if this will help counteract the Lee Sin changes (read: nerfs). As it stands with limited sample size this item seems a bit too powerful and probably needs to be toned down.

Support Items: Forbidden Idol and Aether Wisp, and Face/Frost Queen buffs
I think Aether Wisp is an interesting option for cheap move speed but don't really know who will use it other than maybe Janna (maybe soraka/sona?). Forbidden Idol fills a nice little role for champs that wanted the CDR or Kindlegem but didn't want to spend money on the health necessarily (Zyra, Sona maybe, Janna?) and it provides cheap CDR which everyone likes! Frost Queens, Talisman, and Face all got slight buffs and slight upgrade cost increases to compensate. Face of the mountain now provides 500 health (o.O). That's a Rylais or a Randuin's. I read an interesting article on building it on non-supports vs AD assassins like Talon/Zed that you can find over on LoLPro ( Overall this won't change much although 200 more gold to get to my Talisman makes me a little sad :(

Aegis of the Legion/Locket
Made into more of an anti-mage item so they took the armor off and added more MR. An interesting change to make the item more specialized. This one may be more significant than it seems at first because double AP is already trending and this could either stop that or become a must buy.

Will of the Ancients
Ever since they changed WotA last season it's been kind of in no-mans land. The champions that most want to buy it like Vladimir, Rumble, and Katarina didn't need the 10 mana per 5 on it so they were essentially wasting stats/gold leaving their only other upgrade to hextech the gunblade (bleck). 500 more gold for 30 ability power and the removal of the mana per 5 makes this a much more intriguing buy to replace something and make double AP comps a significant threat again. Potentially siginificant change.

Warden's Mail
This seems small but to me there are a lot of times where I just want the cloth and some wards. Now I can't do that. This might end up being more of a pain in the ass than it seems even though the cost doesn't change. It's kind of like investing in a DFG or Zhonya's where the needlessly large rod costs so much that you gotta decide to wait for it or save for it but less extreme.

Boot Changes
Cheaper furor will make it an interesting earlier buy on ADC's potentially. Distortion now buffing Flash, Teleport, and Ghost (all of which are going to be more popular especially TP with recent changes) is really powerful and makes this the most intriguing of the changes. Captain buffs are also interesting but it remains to be seen who/when this gets used. Alacrity change means very little tbh. Homeguard will still be really good at what it does but the other enchants are more in line with it or better now.

The Rune Changes
Overall I think this makes flat armor almost always inferior to scaling health/flat health. If you're afraid of AD assassins early they usually start with armor pen and you'd be sacrificing the fact that you could have an extra chunk of health instead of some stuff that merely "reduces how bad you'll be murdered." Personally I changed almost all of my rune pages over to scaling health except for support where I'm running a couple pages with 4 armor seals. Health regen seals are going to be an interesting option that I'll have to experiment with as well as cooldown runes. The lifesteal nerfs made me switch back to just 2 ADC pages (1 with flat damage marks and quints, the other with 5x armor pen marks, 4x ad marks, and flat ad quints). CDR and health regen are still the most interesting secondary options to me but I think scaling health is superior to flat armor now MOST OF THE TIME. My rune page changes reflected this change with a complete revamp that you can see on my Lolking or whatever profile site you use.

Summoner Spells
Heal is ridiculously powerful now and will prolly be toned down. The one I want to talk more about is exhaust. Unlike many supports so far this season that are running ignite, I've been running exhaust most of the time still (maybe that's why I'm losing more on support this season?) as I just see it fitting my job description more often. More than half the game I'd rather have exhaust and ignite in lane "for kills" just didn't seem conducive to how you want to play support in general. It's about protecting the ADC and other teammates and Exhaust was still better at that to me. Now buffing it's range and damage reduction makes it much more powerful vs burst mages and assassins while still being very effective at stopping vayne/jax/other low range hyper carries.

What changes am I making?
1) Reworked Runes:
     As I discussed briefly in the rune comments I've pretty much switched to health per level in MOST of the cases where I had flat armor. I left an AP page with half flat armor/half scaling health to deal with talon/zed's that play aggressively. I also left armor on my ADC page but I may change that to a hybrid as well. Armor pen is intriguing to me on ADC again but I don't do that role too often so I'll likely adapt to what others do until I get a better sample. Scaling health makes Scaling AP glyphs more appealing or a half ap/half mr page. I've changed my rune pages to adapt to the rune changes to the best of my ability.

2) Picks and Bans
     I think Gragas and Lulu are now off of my ban list and possibly Wukong. I think the list for this patch looks something like: Yasuo, Renekton, Master Yi (feral flare...), Pantheon, Sivir, Khazix with maybe votes going to Wukong, Zed, and Thresh. Until I get a bigger sample size I think these bans seem appropriate based on my analysis of this patch. 

3) Vladimir could be the top laner I needed to add
     I said in my March 2014 Solo Queue Stat analysis video that I wanted to add a top laner to my repertoire for the cases when I needed to top lane. I've played Vladimir in the past and while he's typically not a very good solo queue champ because of his lack of CC you could play split push vlad with ghost/teleport and new distortion boots with the buffs to WotA and health per level seals (and increase to base armor by 4) making it so that you don't need to nerf his health with armor seals like you used to have to. He could be an interesting choice in top lane for me.

4) Champions to drop/Champions to play more
     I think these changes remove Gragas from my pick list (good, I hated playing him and sucked at him anyway). It remains to be seen how the mid meta will develop but continuing to play Nidalee (she received no nerfs/buffs) to improve at her is an option for you. For supports you can continue to keep playing Leona as these changes are minimal and Zyra is more or less unchanged which is good as she was growing in popularity for bot lane anyway. Perhaps if people are afraid to play Leona (primary counterpick to Zyra) you could really start succeeding more with Zyra. 

5) Checking prices to not misbuy during games

6) Boot enchantments are suddenly way more interesting. 
     It's going to be tough to figure out when to buy these new enchants but I think they're all pretty powerful. Monitor this situation closely but don't just default to homeguard anymore. Actually consider the options for the game at hand but don't forget that homeguard is still a powerful effect.

This patch will inevitably have a large impact on the professional playoffs for the season and many of the current staples (RIP Gragas/Lulu) will no longer be must pick/bans. I think it will improve the overall quality of things and I feel it will personally help me quite a bit as the changes are very natural to me while removing some of my weaker matchups. I always liked health/lvl seals but was sort of forced into using armor because it was just ruthlessly efficient. With more customization options in runes, and what I think will become a larger variety of champions (that I have better matchups against!) I will personally benefit a lot from this patch if I can transfer this sort of analysis into in game progress. 

Til next time!

NA/EU/OGN Playoff Predictions and My Thoughts on the "Match Fixing" Accusations

It's playoff time in OGN Champions as well as the NA and EU LCS and with that comes time to prognosticate! But before I get to that I need to get my thoughts out there about the drama and match fixing accusations towards the SK Telecom organization with the recent events in OGN Group A.

OGN Group A: The Best Early Morning Soap Opera

     For those of you that don't know the background on this situation I encourage you to look up how OGN works and the group stage point system and such before reading this. It's worth knowing anyway and other people could put it in better words than I (!) 

     More or less Group A contained KT Rolster Arrows, both SK Telecom T1 teams S and K, and new comers Prime Optimus who was considered by many to be one of the weakest teams in the 16 team tournament. KT Arrows upset Season 3 world champions SK T1 K and S took a game off of their sister team K as well placing the top 2 positions in the group as KT Arrows and SK T1 S. This meant that K were eliminated unless their sister team S somehow lost 0-2 to the "weak" Prime Optimus. Well, long story short, S lost 0-2 to Prime Optimus and during the tie breaker this morning K defeated S in a best of 1 to reclaim their spot in the playoffs.

     After the shocking 0-2 lost to Prime Optimus many people (*cough* redditors *cough*) were claiming that S threw to get K a shot at the playoffs again. And now, as one might expect, people are saying the same thing with K's victory over S this morning. I'm going to give a couple of reasons why these claims of match-fixing seem unjustified to me. If I'm proven wrong in the future then so be it but from my understanding this just wasn't the case and here's why.

Reason 1: The games themselves
     If you watch the games between PO and T1 S and have any knowledge of the competitive game at all you can see that PO simply outplayed T1 S. PO made plenty of mistakes but their big picture strategy to take the aggressive champions away from Marin clearly worked out for them. I honestly think this was simply a case of S fearing the public opinion of "there's no way they get 2-0'd" and once they lost the first game they just went on tilt. If you watch the best of 1 tie break between S and K you can see that K just banned out Marin's best and one of Horo's best and S just picked poorly. Ryze first rotation with Renekton banned and K's top laner not picked? Twisted Fate without K's mid-laner picked? (now Faker took Nidalee so this ended up not being that bad but its the thought process that counts) One could say that the picks/bans would signal some sort of collusion but the fact is that S has looked terrible in picks/bans throughout the season and are very vulnerable to the same problems they were earlier in the season when they were playing well. Their bad habits caught up to them.

Reason 2: End of season circuit points
     The goal of most Korean teams isn't to win a split of Champions but rather to accrue enough circuit points to earn a spot at worlds (this is how Najin Black Sword got to worlds last year on 1 champions split win and 2 NLB wins). If people want to make the argument that SKT just wants K at worlds again (duh!) then one simply has to look at SKT T1 K's circuit points right now. K has 400 circuit points already on the year with their win in OGN Winter 2013. S has 10. If anything, K could afford the "season off" to get S some circuit points for SK Telecom to potentially get two teams to worlds. And let's be real here, T1 K would stomp their way through NLB to earn 75 points anyway. (they'd still be leading circuit points if that happened). If this was about getting a team to worlds, it would be more beneficial for SK Telecom to "get S some points."

Reason 3: Why would they even match-fix?
     You could argue that SK Telecom is in possession of two of the top 8 Korean teams and maybe two of the top 10-15 teams on the planet. How is it beneficial to them to risk staining their name with a match fixing scandal. Not to mention, as I said in the last paragraph, if they really wanted to "keep their brand in the spotlight" then they would have had K throw to get S into the playoffs to get them a shot at some circuit points so they could potentially have two teams at worlds. It's not unheard of for match fixing to happen in Korean E-Sports (see the whole AHQ situation recently and Starcraft in the past) but I really don't see what's in it for SK Telecom. There isn't really any more money to be made by "getting K in" and I doubt they'd lose their sponsorships on K if they did happen to lose.

TL:DR - I really doubt there was any match fixing, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. I think S has just sucked recently and Prime had weeks to prepare for that match.

Predictions for OGN / NA + EU LCS

OGN Playoffs

Samsung Ozone vs SKT T1 K
K wins 3-2

     This is a bit of a gut feeling prediction for me. The logical side of me says that K had a game Wednesday to get in and an important Masters match vs the KT Rolster organization (rematch with Arrows) on Friday. Their playoff match vs Ozone is Wednesday. Now Ozone has had a lot of time off comparatively and in the Korean league teams will often have a week or more to prep for a best of 5 not to mention they've been playing absolutely lights out. All of this gives Ozone a huge advantage and they're honestly the only team that I think can beat K in a best of 5. For all intents and purposes Ozone SHOULD win this series. That being said I just think this whole debacle to get K back into this playoff spot, Poohmandu returning, and recently uncharacteristic inconsistencies (key word uncharacteristic), something tells me the K snaps out of their recent funk after the scare of almost not making playoffs and becomes their old selves to win a hard fought best of 5. It wouldn't surprise me if Ozone won this series though as they've been the best team in Korea during this Spring season.

Samsung Blue vs CJ Frost
             Blue wins 3-1             

     I simply think that, while Frost has been playing much better recently, Blue is the better team here. Dade is back to his pre-worlds form, Acorn has been red hot this season (leading top lane KDA), and Deft is really taking advantage of this caster ADC meta. Frost will once again continue their streak of top 8 appearances but it ends there.

KT Arrows vs CJ Blaze
Blaze 3-1

     Flame is such a monster. Everyone knows it. And he's been in top form this season completely dominating almost everyone. Ambition has been one of the best mids on the planet (besides a bit last season) for seemingly forever and Emperor/Lustboy much like Deft is really benefiting from the caster ADC/bully support lane meta. I'm thinking more macro strategy here too. I think Blaze is the better team and while KT A have pulled off some crazy wins this season, they've mostly been using the element of surprise and hyper aggressive play. I think in a best of 5 this doesn't always work. The 4.5 patch changes I think affect this matchup the most as the heal buffs/ignite nerfs could change the bot lane matchups quite a bit.

Najin Shield vs KT Bullets
Shield wins 3-2

     White Shield has been playing better and better as the season goes on and have really come into their own. They play excellently in team fights and in lane, against good teams and bad, and in early game and late. They're well rounded and performing consistently. Ggoong and Save have been outstanding this season. Even though Bullets dominated IEM they just haven't been playing well in OGN. Something seems off and I'm not sure what. I do think that Bullets has superior individual talent and if they can pull it together in clutch time this could turn into an "upset" but I'll stick with the consistency we've seen from Shield.

North American LCS

     I won't go into full detail for each match on the bracket but I'll give the low down. 

- CLG will beat Coast, then CLG will beat TSM
- Curse will beat Dignitas, then Curse will lose to Cloud 9
- Finals will be Cloud 9 vs CLG and Cloud 9 will win 3-0
- 3rd place: TSM

I'm just not sure anybody in NA can beat Cloud 9 in a best of 5. I think the CLG vs TSM series will be the one to watch in the playoffs and it wouldn't surprise me if TSM wins (they're the favorite) I just think the 4.5 patch changes will benefit CLG more (safer bot lane). 

European LCS

     EU is significantly more interesting to call. Honestly any one of these teams could win and just as EU was close during the entire season, I think it remains the same for the playoffs.

- Gambit will wake the hell up and beat Roccat (sad because I really like Overpow)
- Alliance has finally arrived to the form I thought they'd start the season with and will beat Wolves
- Alliance will also beat Fnatic. I think Fnatic is really tough to beat in a long series but this is a hunch
- Gambit will beat SK gaming
- Alliance will beat Gambit in the finals
- 3rd place: Fnatic

Those are my picks for the season. Some of them are more well thought out than others. I think OGN and EU are going to be really entertaining playoffs while NA will be relatively predictable. My next post will be about Patch 4.5 and how I, personally, am adapting to the changes for my own solo queue play.

Til next time!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 2014 Advanced Solo Queue Statistics

March 2014

** There were 9 games in which there was severe lag, a DC, or rage quit/trolls on either team (I went 4-5 in these games). These games will not be included in these statistics **

Misc. Statistics
Highest Placement: Platinum 2 (35 lp)     Lowest Placement : Platinum 4 (75 lp)
Win - Loss: 33 - 32 ( 4 - 2 in promo matches )
Kills/Deaths/Assists (avg): 348 / 334 / 624 (5.4 / 5.1 / 9.6) makes a 2.9:1 Ratio
Team K/D/A (avg): 1901/ 1839 / 3170  (29.2 / 28.3 / 48.8) makes a 2.76:1 ratio
Longest Winning Streak: 5                                       Longest Losing Streak: 6
Largest LP Gain/Lost (single game): +22 / -19
**NEW** Average CS For (non-support) / Against (all): 192.1 / 199.0
Highest (peak) Kills/Deaths/Assists (high in each taken from all games): 16 / 11 / 20
Highest Single Game CS:  315 (on top Ryze)

Combat Grades:
            Lane Effectiveness Avg (scale of -2 to +2):  -0.2
            Outside Lane Influence For Avg (scale of -2 to +2): +0.45
            Outside Lane Influence Against Avg (scale of -2 to +2): +0.42
            Roaming Effectiveness Avg (scale of -2 to +2): +0.34

Contribution Grades:
            Positive Contribution Avg:  19.38
            Negative Contribution Avg: 18.15      
            Net Contribution Avg:  +1.23
            Games +/-: 39+ /  25-        (One game even at 0)          
            Record in Positive Contribution Games:  17- 22  Record in Negative: 15 - 10        
            Record in Even (0) Contribution Games: 1 - 0

Damage Statistics      
Avg %Damage to Champions (% of teams total):  20.375%
                        Avg without support games: 22.5%

Gold Statistics
**Gold statistics are calculated rounding to the nearest hundred when recording (example: 9700)**
Avg Gold For (GPM): 11,740 (337.5/min)   -------->   in NON Support games: 12,619 (351.4/min) Avg Gold Against (GPM): 12,309 (356.1/min)  ---->  in NON-Support Games: 12.455 (349.5/min)

Avg For as SUPPORT: 9444 (301.4/min)  --->  Enemy Support Gold: 9350 (292.6/min)
Avg Gold For Lane Partner:  11,994 (382.0/min)  ------>  Enemy ADC Gold: 11,928 (373.2/min)  

Champion Specific Statistics
Most Played Champion(s):
            - Leblanc (mid) (18 games) (9 wins - 9 losses)
                        - Avg CS: 179.8, Avg K/D/A: 8.8 / 4.4 / 8.7, which makes a 3.98:1 ratio
                        - Enemy Avg CS: 201.1
                        - Lane Effectiveness Avg: +.28
                        - Outside Lane Influences Avg (against/for): +0.33 / +0.67
                        - Roaming Grade: +0.44
                        - Gold For (gpm) / Against (gpm): 13,239 (355.2/min) / 12,556 (335.8/min)            
                        - Avg Game Length: 37:19 (significantly longer time but consistent numbers)
                        - % Damage to Champs per Game (avg): 21.8%
                        - Net Contribution Grade: +3.9
                        - Games + / - (contribution score): 13 positive / 4 negative (1 - 3)  (one even)

Champions Played: 17 (lux support and lux mid differentiated, etc.)

Duo queue Statistics 
            Record: 3 - 1
                        - Tuba: 4 games (3 - 1) (played top all 4 games)
Match Time Statistics
Average Match Time:  34:36  Shortest Match Time: 23:38  Longest Match Time: 51:48
Match Time Distribution:
            -  <20:00:  0 games (0 wins - 0 loss)
            -  20:00 to 25:00: 2 games (1 wins - 1 losses)
            - 25:00 to 30:00: 13 games (7 wins - 6 losses)
            - 30:00 to 35:00: 24 games (14 wins - 10 losses)
            - 35:00 to 40:00: 14 games (6 wins - 8 losses)
            - 40:00 to 45:00: 8 games (4 wins - 4 losses)
            - 45:00 to 50:00: 3 game (0 wins -3 loss)
            - >50:00: 1 games (1 win - 0 losses)

Pick Order Statistics
Avg position: 2.98  Avg Position of duo: 1.75
            - 1st pick: 14 games (10 wins - 4 losses)
            - 2nd pick: 12 games (5 wins - 7 losses)
            - 3rd pick: 14 games (6 wins - 8 losses) (way fewer)
            - 4th pick: 11 games (6 wins - 5 losses)
            - 5th pick: 14 games (6 wins - 8 losses) (way more)

Matchup Specific Statistics
Most Frequent Opponents:   
Nidalee (8 games, 4-4), Lulu (3-2), Lucian (4 games, 1-3)

Strongest Matchup (more than 3 games):
- vs Lulu (3-2) Avg K/D/A: 7.6 / 4.4 / 9, Avg CS For/Against: 165.2 / 183
            - Net Contribution Score: +3.48
            - Lane Effectiveness Score: -0.4
            - Outside Influence For/Against: +0.6 / 0
            - Roaming Grade: +0.2
            - Champs Played: Leblanc (1-2), Orianna (1-0), Kassadin (1-0)
            - First Blood For / Against: 1 / 0

Weakest Matchup (more than 3 games): 
- vs Lucian (1-3) Avg K/D/A: 2.25 / 5 / 9, Avg CS For (adc)/Against: 212.8 / 196
            - Net Contribution Score: +0.44
            - Lane Effectiveness Score: -0.25
            - Outside Influence For/Against: +0.25 / +0.75
            - Champs Played: Leona (0-3), Zyra (1-0)
            - First Blood For / Against: 0 / 1 (assist)

Multi Game Summoner Matchups:  Had some within games but no individual matchups.

Situational Statistics
First Bloods For: 8    First Blood Assist: 5
First Bloods Against:First Blood Against Assist: 2
Record when getting first blood: 3 - 5   Record when giving up first blood: 0 - 2
Record when getting FB or Assist: 7 - 6 (4-1 on just assist) 
Record when giving up FB or Assist: 2 - 3 (2-1 on just assist)

Positional Statistics
  - Mid (61.5% of games played): 40 games,  22 wins - 18 losses
            - Avg CS For/Aga: 194.2 / 205.6, Avg K/D/A:  6.55 / 4.4 / 9.2  Ratio of 3.55:1
            - Lane Effectiveness Avg: -0.175
            - Outside Influence Against / For: +0.475 / +0.4
            - Roaming: +0.35
            - Contribution Grade: +4.09
            - First Bloods For / Assists: 7 (all on LB) / 3
            - First Bloods Against / Assist: 1 / 2

  - AD Carry (0%): 0 games
  - Support (33.3%): 18 games, 9 wins - 9 losses
            -  Avg CS enemy AD: 196.9 ---> Avg GPM Enemy ADC / Sup: 373.2 / 292.6
            -  Avg  K/D/A: 2.94 / 6.56 / 11.83 Ratio of 2.25:1
            -  Avg GPM Lane Partner: 382
            - Lane Effectiveness Avg: -0.22
            - Outside Influence Against / For: +0.5 / +0.61
            - Contribution Grade: -3.75
  - Top (9.2%): 5 games, 2 wins - 4 losses
            - Avg CS For / Aga: 198.3 / 178
            - Avg GPM For / Aga: 352.1 / 344.4
            - Avg K/D/A: 5.5 / 4.83 / 4.5 Ratio of 2.07:1
            - Lane Effectiveness Avg: -0.5
            - Outside Influence Against / For: +0.17 / +0.17
            - Roaming Grade: +0.83
            - Contribution Grade: -1.25

  - Jungle (3.1%): 2 games, 1 win - 1 loss
            - Avg CS For / Aga: 135 / 136
            - Avg GPM For / Aga: 323.9 / 348.2
            - Avg K/D/A: 5 / 7.5 / 11 Ratio of 2.13:1
            - Lane Effectiveness Avg: 0
            - Outside Influence Against / For: 0 / 0
            - Roaming: -0.5
            - Contribution Grade: -5.74

Environmental Statistics
Record in First Game of Session: 7 - 10   Record in Last Game of Session:  9 - 8
Record in Single Game sessions (counted as both first and last games): 5 - 6
Longest Single Session: 5 games (2 wins - 3 losses)
Time of Day (based on common playing blocks):
            - Night block (8:01pm to 4am):  25 games (13 wins - 12 losses)
            - Morning block (4:01am to 12pm): 1 game (0 wins - 1 losses)
            - Afternoon/Evening block (12:01pm to 8pm): 39 games (20 wins - 19 losses)
Day of Week:
            - Monday: 14 games (8 - 6)
            - Tuesday: 9 games (6 - 3)
            - Wednesday: 10 games (4 - 6)
            - Thursday: 1 game (1 - 0)
            - Friday: 7 games (4 - 3)
            - Saturday: 6 games (2 - 4)
            - Sunday: 18 games (9 - 9)

            - Amaranthe: 1 game (0 - 1)
            - Animals as Leaders: 2 games (1 - 1)
            - Babymetal: 1 game (1 - 0)
            - Chillstep: 4 games (2 - 2)
            - David Maxim Micic: 2 games (1 - 1)
            - Dubstep: 1 game (0 - 1)
            - Empyrios: 5 games (2 - 3)
            - Energetic Mix: 26 games (16-10)
            - Karnivool: 1 game (0 - 1)
            - Katatonia 3 games (2 - 1)
            - LCS Broadcast: 5 games (3 - 2)
            - Podcast: 1 game (0 - 1)
            - MTG Broadcast: 1 games (1 - 0)
            - Metal Mix: 3 games (0 - 3)
            - Phantomlord Broadcast: 1 game (1 - 0)
            - Rift Review (Montecristo): 2 games (1 - 1)
            - Summoners Insight (Monte and Thorin): 2 games (0 - 2)
            - The Mars Volta: 4 games (2 - 2)

Goals from Jan/Feb: 3 out of 3
1) Farming numbers are WAY down compared to where I was last season. Partly to do with playing Leblanc a lot and placing increased importance on roaming but be sure to actually focus on last hitting when you're in lane.
Success! Did a significantly better job farming on LB (40 more CS per game) and overall while not sacrificing too much of my roaming improvement.
2) Continue to put up excellent map pressure and high roaming grades.
Success! Roaming grade dipped very slightly in exchange for increased farm and lane pressure. When roaming it was efficient and not wasteful.
3) Continue to limit negative contribution. Low death count, high impact.
Success! Excellent KDA and Contribution numbers except for support where there was a slight decrease.
BONUS: Platinum 1
Goals for Next Month
1) Improve overall support performance
2) Make a top champion your own

3) Sustain excellent balance of map pressure and income.