Monday, June 11, 2018

Betting: Spring Split In Review

I know I know... LPL started this morning and LCK starts in just a few hours but I figured I'd do a quick summary of my spring split and my first foray into dedicated eSports betting. Picks for tomorrow will be short and sweet via Twitter tonight but I'll have selections for the rest of the week tomorrow and Wednesday since I'll be traveling to Vegas for a tournament and won't be available until Monday.


Final Statistics:


NA LCS: 75-59 (55.97%)
EU LCS: 61-51 (54.46%)
LCK: 120-86  (58.25%)
LPL: 83-74 (52.87%)
TCL: 21-12  (63.64%)
LMS: 20 - 14  (58.82%)
LCL: 0-5  (0%)
MSI: 14-7  (66.66%)
Total Record: 361-287 (55.71%) (Live EXCLUDED)
TOTAL Record (ALL BETS): 394-308 (56.125%)

Prop Bets: 134-114 (54.03%)
Live Bets: 27-18 (60%)
Handicapped: 78-70 (52.70%)
Moneyline: 149-103 (59.13%)

So I did pretty well in the regions I consider my knowledge the strongest in (LCK and NA) and even surprised myself as I improved significantly in the second half with the LPL and EU. The TCL is almost all prop bets on the under and we absolutely destroyed that. All in all these percentages aren't quite enough to beat "the rake" by most standards but keep in mind that I was betting on SO MANY GAMES. There were very few games I didn't place at least something on so while the stakes may not have been large for all of them I did want to get a feel for just how well I'd do betting on a huge percentage of the games in the major regions. Considering I placed at least something on that many games this is fairly impressive but moving forward we'll be a little bit more selective in my actual wagers. 

So now the big question....

Year to Date Net/Yield:

(All measured in "units")

NA LCS: +15.4965
EU LCS: +4.175
LCK: +10.771
LPL: -1.064
LMS: +1.57
TCL: +3.135
LCL: -5.25
MSI: +15.74
TOTAL: +30.9695 units


So if we take away my monstrous MSI performance we have half this number. Consider all the parlays I blew money on experimenting earlier in the season and legit "wasted" half of our winnings. I'll be dialing back parlay plays even more probably to next to nothing or just fractions of units for shits and giggles. It's hard enough beating the books, no point in beating ourselves up at the same time. 

All in all we aren't quite to the level of your average 401k but hey for our first foray and considering that we were betting on just about anything without being very selective that's not half bad. This season was also RIDICULOUSLY unpredictable compared to previous seasons (besides those over unders!). LCK and EU were more volatile than any individual season I've ever seen. Assuming we get a little more predictable moving forward and with that worse lines I think we can expect something in the 6-7% range even if we only slightly improve. Really I'd like to be in the 10%+ range like most tipsters get to.


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