Wednesday, June 13, 2018

NA LCS Summer 2018 Preseason Predictions

NA LCS Summer 2018 Preseason Odds:
(to win the championship)

Team Solo Mid +275
Team Liquid +300
Cloud 9 +550
Echo Fox +550
100 Thieves +600
Counter Logic Gaming +1000
Clutch Gaming +1600
FlyQuest +6600
Golden Guardians +10,000
OpTic Gaming +10,000


B Tier Teams:

10) Golden Guardians
Roster: Lourlo, Contractz, Mickey, Deftly, Matt, Hai (sub)
Odds to win split (via the sports books): +10,000

9) OpTic Gaming
Roster: Dhokla, Akaadian, PowerOfEvil, Arrow, Big, LemonNation (sub), Zig (sub)
Odds to win split (via the sports books): +10,000

I like the offseason moves for both of these squads even if they weren't plentiful. There's something to be said for continuity. Unlike Europe I think these bottom teams are actually decent but the region is much deeper. In a way the only thing they've done wrong is just exist in an extremely competitive region.


B+ Tier Teams:

8) Counter Logic Gaming
Roster: Darshan, Reignover, Huhi, Stixxay, Biofrost
Odds to win split (via the sports books): +1000

I'll get flack for this like I always do for "hating" on CLG but I was totally right last season and all the haters were hiding in their holes by seasons end. This team sucks and they didn't make any changes. I don't get how they can be ok with mediocrity but I guess they're all getting paid. These guys are a smart pregame planning team though so I'm sure they'll come out with a few wins early in this wild metagame.

7)  FlyQuest
Roster: Flame, Santorin, Keane, WildTurtle, KonKwon
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +6600

I actually like the look of this roster. They're a bunch of very specific players that compliment each other well. I have a feeling FlyQuest are going to be the team that comes out the gates hot and slows down as they're eventually outclassed. This team looks like a perfect fit for the current meta.


A Tier Teams:

6) 100 Thieves
Roster: Ssumday, Meteos, Ryu, Cody Sun, Aphromoo
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +600

Look I know I was wrong about these guys last season but I still don't think this team is that great. For those that weren't around I had 100 Thieves 10th last preseason assuming they'd be a bunch of washed up veterans collecting a paycheck. This time around it has more to do with the metagame and people "figuring them out." Old dogs are often slow or hesistant to learn new tricks so I could see them starting slow and finishing strong if the metagame goes back to something more "normal." It wouldn't suprise me to see FlyQuest make playoffs and 100 Thieves do the full tank job but I think they're a little better than that.

5) Cloud 9
Roster: Licorice, Svenskeren, Goldenglue, Keith, Zeyzal, Jensen (sub), Sneaky (sub), Smoothie (sub)
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +550

So it was announced today that this is the starting lineup. I have mixed feelings about it. They wouldn't have done this unless the players have a stronger grasp on the metagame. I think Cloud 9 will be solid all season and perhaps transition back to the original lineup if the play warrents it midway. Top to bottom this is actually a really strong lineup besides Goldenglue but his champion pool actually fits this metagame perfectly for the first time in his LCS career. 

S Tier Teams:

4) Clutch Gaming
Roster: Solo, Lira, Febiven, Apollo, Hakuho
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +1600 

I loved this team last split and called their success before the season started. These are 4 really strong and underrated players at their positions and Solo delivered an excellent split. He'll only be better this season. My only concern is metagame considerations. Clutch were the "discipline" team that played games slow and methodical so there's a chance they struggle out of the gate but I could be wrong. Their individual talent is underrated and could perhaps carry them.

3) Echo Fox
Roster: Huni, Dardoch, Fenix, Altec, Adrian, Damonte (sub), PapaChau (sub)
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +550

This team should thrive early in the season. How they finish is anyone's guess but this current meta should be dominated by Echo Fox. Individually the best lineup top to bottom in my opinion in the league. Rick Fox seems to have found a way to get all these players in good spirits and the coaching staff has done an excellent job. I'd have them higher but I think NA is extremely competitive.


S+ Tier Teams:

2) Team Liquid
Roster: Impact, Xmithie, Pobelter, Doublelift, Olleh
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +300

Doublelift and Uzi put on a real show at MSI this year. Two of the all time greats at the position playing perhaps the best League they've played in their long and storied careers. It's incredible how these two have grown better and better the 8+ years they've been competing. It's just incredible. Anyway I think Liquid didn't have a great performance as a team at MSI but it was a competitive field and there's a chance they didn't really put that much into it to avoid burnout. This is an elite team, an international competitor.

1) Team Solo Mid
Roster: Hauntzer, MikeYueng, Bjergsen, Zven, Mithy
Odds to win the split (via the sports books): +275

So it took awhile for TSM to get going but they eventually did. This team gets better as the season goes more consistently than any team in NA ever does and I completely expect that to be the case again this year. I think this meta could be the slap in the face to wake this team the hell out of their weird insistance on playing slow and controlled to really unleash their players. There's a bit of a gut feeling to this but I think TSM recapture their crown this season. This team just has too many elite players not to be in the conversation and I think they'll do more than that with a split under their belts.


Preseason Bets and Predictions:

Value Bet to Win the Split: Clutch Gaming +1600 (VALUE), I like TSM, TL, and Echo Fox even at these numbers.

The top of the table is crowded in this deep region but I do think these are the three best teams and I'd be shocked if it wasn't one of them. The real VALUE bet would be Clutch at +1600 as my 4th ranked squad.

Summer Split VOTING MVP: 1st choice - Doublelift,  2nd choice - Febiven, 3rd choice - Bjergsen

In my opinion these are the three best players in this region and they're so pivotal for their teams that it'll just depend on who we think wins the most.

Biggest Disappointment: 100 Thieves

I'm probably sipping my Hate-o-rade a bit too much on this one but I just can't see this team performing as well as they did last split which will be a huge disappointment for their fans.


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