Friday, January 19, 2018

League of Legends Betting

I've always wanted to do a blog or podcast (this might happen) about betting League of Legends. I've had a lot of success (>20x initial in 2016, and >12x in 2017) on Draft Kings and now that I've found a suitable outlet to wager in a more traditional way I plan to explore that this year as well and blog about my thought processes to perhaps provide some insight. 

I have some limited gambling experience in traditional sports, mostly the NFL and while I don't often play I do keep up with the betting markets just for leisure more than anything else (VEGAS ALWAYS KNOWS). The idea I have is that oddsmakers have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to League of Legends like they do for major sports where they have an entire industry of people who's careers are built on inside information. So instead of fighting against insider information AND the math we only need to fight one of those and hopefully build our bankroll based on that.

I'll be posting here on the day of or night events to be wagered on more as a way to keep my thought process in writing to make sure I'm being logical about it. Maybe this will catch o

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