Friday, January 19, 2018

Betting: January 19th - EU LCS 2018 Week 1 Day 1

January 19th Schedule:
G2 @ Misfits
Vitality @ H2k
Unicorns @ Giants
Roccat @ Schalke 04
Fnatic @ Splyce

Wagers placed:

Moneyline: Giants Gaming +135 (0.5 units) 

If you read my preseason predictions for EU LCS you'd know that while I think the bottom half of Europe is going to be an absolute clown fiesta this season I do think that Giants are actually underrated and more importantly UOL are VASTLY OVERRATED. UOL should not be a favorite in this game and if I remember correctly (yes I'm doing this after the fact bear with me this one time) they were -110. Typically I don't like betting on two bad teams in most situations because they're less predictable than two good teams but I think some value can be carved out of the muck if you know what to look for.

Result: Giants Win (Payout: +1.175 units)

Parlay (3 teams): Giants +135, Schalke -204, Fnatic -303 (0.5 units)

I'm confident enough in these three games to take a +366 line payout on this three teamer.

Result: Win, Win, Win (Schalke won with a sub and role swap) (Payout: +2.33units)

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