Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 - Overrated / Underrated (NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK) (Will be updated)

(Updated 3/5/2018)

North American LCS

Overrated Teams:

(Removed 100 Thieves)

Underrated Teams:


European LCS

Overrated Teams:

(Removed Unicorns of Love)

Team Vitality:

1/21 - Similar to my take on 100 Thieves, I think this team has outperformed my expectations. Jizuke looks outstanding, reminiscent of Caps last year but I still think this team is playing at it's ceiling while the high quality squads are still climbing their way up as they figure things out. Ultimately I think they'll end up in the 4th or 5th spot. While I'm impressed with this squad, I think their ceiling is capped and they have the whole "Peter Laviolette/YamatoCannon" effect where those coaches teams tend to get figured out. Outperforming expectations is one thing. Best team in the EU LCS? Don't think so. Overrated.

2/5 - An ammendment to this writeup from last week. Jiizuke is the truth. The guy is simply taking over every single game he's in which means something. Maybe they finish 3rd or 4th because this team looks good. That being said I do still think they're vastly overrated by the public and we could cash in on that. Another good week and they're off this list.

2/14 - After watching some more film and reading a great article by Martin Martinez over at InvenGlobal I've softened on Jiizuke and reaffirmed my feeling that this team doesn't belong OFF of the list but ON it with red warning signs. This team is predictable and their hyper mid lane centric strategy is obvious, telegraphed, and totally counterable as Misfits showed us. I don't think Vitality are as bad as my preseason prediction of them but they're going to crash hard in the second half. Good teams find something that works and "don't fix it if it isn't broken." Great teams constantly innovate and adapt. While Vitality have shown some new picks their style is exactly the same every single game and it's predictable. They're very good at their one thing making them a good team but not a great team.

2/27 - I told you all this was coming.

3/5 - Vitality showed well this week against Schalke but I am willing to admit defeat on this Schalke team as mediocre at best so perhaps that win doesn't count for as much as it seems. Another decent week and I could take Vitality off this list.

Underrated Teams:

(none this week)



Overrated Teams:

BBQ Olivers:

2/14 - While they looked good against Kongdoo... wait read that sentence... and I just removed Kongdoo from the overrated list because people know how bad they are.

2/27 - An upset win over a sloppy Kingzone does not a good team make although I will admit it's impressive. The thing about BBQ is that they're at least game to compete. They'll come up with weird strategies, sub players, and play in your face so at the very least they're chippy and not to be trifled with. This team beat Kingzone 2-1 thne immediately got destroyed by last place MVP, that tells you all you need to know.

3/5 - This is a frustrating team because they'll randomly show up but don't rely on guessing when that happens. They're inconsistent and can more or less only win when the enemy brings them a win on a silver platter.

KSV eSport:

I'm done with this team. They just look uninspired and undeserving of a playoff spot at this point. There's a chance they get it together but they look like they aren't on the right page and can't seem to figure out this Haru/Ambition juggling act they've been doing all season.

Underrated Teams:

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