Sunday, August 12, 2018

Betting: August 13th (LPL)

LOL Pro League (China) 8/13 Schedule:

EDward Gaming (-294, -1.5 @ +112)
@ Over/Under 34:00, Total Kills 24.5
OMG (+220, +1.5 @ -147)

FunPlus Phoenix (-154, -1.5 @ +189)
@ Over/Under 34:00, Total Kills 24.5
Team WE (+120, +1.5 @ -256)

Handicapped: EDward -1.5 maps @ +112 (2 units)

Would you look at that? EDG actually took care of business against a bottom tier team and held onto their current #2 seed in the West Region. It wasn't pretty and actually WE had a lead which is something they pretty much don't have against anybody even when they win. That's a worrying thing for EDG but they did a great job of stabalizing and eventually outscaled. Scout's Velkoz was outstanding in fights with excellent positioning. I'll admit I'm  skeptical on this one but I think the value is just too good to pass up. OMG are a scrappy team that can be competitive. They took a game off of Rogue Warriors the other day and beat Team WE 2-1 but I think we should put a bit more weight on their struggles against Team WE than their single game win against Rogue Warriors.

I don't hate the OMG +1.5 here but I think EDG should be up for this game so I'm going with the -1.5. TopSports could have taken over 2nd place in the conference with a win over FunPlus but they lost in spectacular fashion so that gives EDG a bit of a new lease on life for the #2 seed and I, against my better judgment, am going to trust them to take that momentum and run with it. This team should be so much better than this, they have an unbelievable amount of talent on this roster and while they haven't been able to put it together I do think they can 2-0 a bottom of the table team in OMG.


Moneyline: FunPlus Phoenix -154 (2 units)

FunPlus looked quite good in their 2-0 against the surging TopSports the other day and they're not out of playoff contention. They currently sit in 5th with a 6-9 match score while Snake holds 4th with a 6-7 score. With two matches in tow Snake are likely going to get this seed especially with how easy their schedule is moving forward but FunPlus are going to be motivated to stay alive here and they're just coming off of a great win against a team that I'd characterize as a mid tier team now in TopSports. FunPlus and Snake face off later this week and FunPlus could potentially have a double swing of a win plus a Snake loss to slingshot them into 4th place and give them much better odds of holding on to it. The point I'm making is that this match is really important for FunPlus, they looked great the other day against TopSports, Team WE have nothing to play for, and this is borderline "must win" territory for FunPlus. I like them for a couple units on the moneyline but this is a very mediocre team so I'm limiting wagers in this spot due to inconsistency and quite a bit of unpredictability.

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