Monday, September 30, 2019

World Championships 2019 - Futures

World Championships 2019 - Futures

The World Championships are here and that means it's time to unveil all of the futures I've put in over the course of the year. These numbers have significantly changed but as always I try to be as transparant as I can be so without further adieu.... my futures selections for Worlds 2019.

(NOTE: I'd recommend checking out John George's articles over at He did an outstanding writeup on the general idea when approaching futures as well as a few he liked that are more current odds than these.)


To Win the World Championship:

DAMWON @ +4000 (1.5 units)
Afreeca +7000 (1 units)
Afreeca +8000 (0.5 units)
EDward Gaming +8000 (0.25 units)
FunPlus Phoenix +1050 (1 units)
FunPlus Phoenix +1000 (0.5 units)
Griffin +700 (0.5 units)
G2 eSports +700 (0.5 units)
SK Telecom +650 (2.5 units)**
GigaByte Marines +25,000 (0.05 units)
Unicorns of Love +30,000 (0.125 units)
Fnatic +1600 (0.25 units)
Fnatic +2100 (1 unit)
Griffin +700 (2.5 units)*added 10/25 before quarters)

Total Investment: 12.175 units
Already Lost:-10.13 units
Remaining Exposure: 2 units

As I mentioned, a lot of these were put in earlier in the year. As you can see by the misses, I tend to check on futures from time to time to see if I can spot value, particularly in the 3rd seeds in the LPL and LCK as those representatives have historically been competitive. If you can time a futures wager before that team is qualified or even looks like they're going to qualify, like I did with DAMWON when I put my first wager on them on July 16th, then you can have some nice hedge options available or significantly higher payouts if one hits for significantly less risk. 

Obviously futures aren't for everyone but it's a fun way to potentially hit big. Currently I stand to gain the most from a DAMWON Worlds victory. I consider them one of the eight strongest teams at the tournament and I think they have tremendous upside especially with so much downtime. As it currently stands I would more than double up my total investment with an SKT victory, slightly less than that on a FunPlus victory, triple up on a Fnatic victory, and would cover half my losses on a G2 or Griffin win.

I'm contemplating some other options, such as more exposure to G2, Invictus and RNG but this it for now, this will be updated.

**UPDATE 10/25/2019: I've added 2.5 units to Griffin in advance of a quarterfinal matchup against Invictus that I think they'll win. MY main question about Griffin going into this tournament was whether or not they would look the same on the big stage. They do and at this point they're a tournament favorite to me. I think they've performed slightly better than SKT based on the small sample. I think Griffin are going to win this tournament.**

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