Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Betting: September 5th (LCK Regional Gauntlet Round 2)

LCK Regional Gauntlet - Round 2

Sandbox -112 (-1.5 @ +167, -2.5 @ +416)
Kingzone -112 (-1.5 @ +165, -2.5 @ +416)

This is extremely bizarre. Either the book corrected it's initial line, and did so incorrectly I'd say, or a TON of money came in on Kingzone. We spoke on The Gold Card Podcast last night about how none of us were particularly impressed with Kingzone in their win and that it was honestly more of an awful Afreeca performance but we discussed this line at -156 for Sandbox and we all liked it there. I was going to be light on it, Kalvin liked it for a moderate amount and Chris/John both leaned Sandbox as well. I thought -156 was fairly accurate and at -112 this is an great value. Would I be surprised if either of these teams wins? Not particularly. We've seen this mid table LCK teams all take turns beating each other with seemingly no pattern or trend to it but I think Sandbox are a stronger team overall than Kingzone and almost strictly on the value we're getting alone I'm going to up this to a moderate Sandbox wager.

I know I've discussed abstaining in spots like this and that's likely what I would have done at -156 but I think a juiced up pick 'em is good enough value for me to fire.

Moneyline: Sandbox -112 (3 units)

Spread: Sandbox -1.5 @ +167 (1 unit)

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