Saturday, September 7, 2019

Betting: September 8th (LPL Regional Qualifiers Round 2, LEC Grand Finals)

LPL Regional Qualifiers
Round 2

TOP eSports -175 (-1.5 @ +130, -2.5 @ +335)
Invictus Gaming +155 (+1.5 @ -160, +2.5 @ -460)

Over/Under: 27.5 total kills

It's kind of weird to phrase it this way but both of these teams behaved almost exactly like I thought they would and neither of them impressed me. I was looking for one to impress and neither did. I honestly thought JDG should have won four of these five games but they're just so boneheaded sometimes and don't know a fight they won't take. Invictus weren't good outside of TheShy and that's really concerning especially with how it took JDG straight up not knowing how to close a game in order for them to win.  The thing is... with these players I can't help but respect the spike performances. Their style could also throw TOP off.

This feels like an avoid and that's something I haven't been doing as much as I should be this year so I'm going to do just that. If this was closer to even money I'd maybe take a shot on TOP but I also don't think we're getting good enough odds on IG as dogs... weird spot we're just going to avoid this.

No wager


LEC Summer - Grand Finals

Fnatic +246 (+1.5 @ +125)
G2 eSports -351 (-1.5 @ -159)

I know Fnatic almost did it and I know Fnatic looked great today but just ask yourself if G2 won game one of that first series do you feel confident that Fnatic takes a game? I know I don't. It's no disrespect to Fnatic. As a matter of fact I think they're the only team in Europe that's even in the same ballpark as G2. Fnatic are extremely good and have a good chance at making it out of groups at Worlds this year but I just can't see them beating G2 in a best of five again (yes they effectively did last week in my eyes). That's one of those once in a dozen type outcomes. G2 shouldn't start off nearly as sluggish in this series. Wouldn't surprise me to see Fnatic take a game, they're more than capable of that but I think G2 stomp this.

I'm going to be on G2 -1.5 and probably a small amount on the -2.5 but I'm going to wait to see where the line goes and when other books release theirs.

Spread: G2 eSports -1.5 maps @ -159 (2.5 units)

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